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101 1840 - Census listed her as a Revolutionary War pensioner. Living in household of Edmund Penny/Perry, in a total of 9 people: 1 m <5, 1m<10, 1m40-50, 1m70-80, 1f<10, 1f20-30, 1f30-40, 2f70-80. Lucy is listed as age 73.

1850 - Note that Edmund Penney household is next door to Israel Baily household, where 38 yo Israel lives with 27 yo Elizabeth and 2 yo Clara E. This canot be Lucy;s husband, but posibly an unknown grandson or other relative?

1860 - Seth Manley household contains Edmund & Jennett Penney and Olive and Lucy Bailey. 
Whitman, Lucy (I118)
102 1840 - Census lists Betsey as female between forty and fifty.

1850 - Minot, Maine, lists Betsey, age 58, living with nephew, Samuel D. and his wife Phebe.

1860 - Betsey was living with niece, Judith Hodgkins Yeaton.

Same burial stone as mother Elizabeth. 
Hodgkins, Betsey (I851)
103 1840 - Census lists Ebenezer D. living in Minot, Maine with what appears to be his family and his mother and her younger children.

1850 census lists Charles Wells, age 25, farm laborer, living in household

1860 census Auburn, Maine lists E. D. Hodgkins, age 45, living with wife, Louisa S., age 48, son Ebenezer, age 9, Charles H. Wells, age 25 and Laura A. Wells, age 21.

I believe death between May 26, 1863 and September 26, 1868.

City of Auburn shows death prior to 3rd Tues April 1865.

Final accounting January 1871. 
Hodgkins, Ebenezer Dexter (I99)
104 1840-Buckfield Census lists Thomas between the age of sixty and seventy. Rich, Thomas (I660)
105 1840: household contains 1M20-29 (Thomas), 1F20-29 (Martha) Atwood, Thomas (I820)
106 1850 - also in household is Mary Colby, age 36 - possible sister-in-law? Longley, Josiah Payne (I5045)
107 1850 - Living & woring with his brother Benjamin on farm of Charles Foster, apparently near the poor farm which his father managed.

Per DR, had been living in Dover NH for 40 years upon his death. 
Rackley, Samuel (I4383)
108 1850 - Living in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine with family of Moses Dodge, MD. Sister Abby V. in same home. Atwood, Frances E. (I1406)
109 1850 - Living in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine with family of Moses Dodge, MD. Sister Frances E. in same home.

1910 - Listed as Abby B. Murphrey living with brother, James N. Atwood. Widowed and not shown as ever having any children.


1910 - Listed as Vesta A. Atwood, age 78, living in Lisbon with son Alfred, age 55

May have been named after Abbey Vesta Coffin, daughter of Warren and Betsey

Not found at Gibbs Cemetery during visit 18Aug2016 
Atwood, Abby Vesta (I1407)
110 1850 - Living with father and mother after husband died. Harris, Hannah (I3941)
111 1850 - Nancy's parents were living with her at time of census

1880 - Living with son, James and his family in Livermore, Androscoggin County, Maine. 
Coffin, Nancy (I677)
112 1850 - possibly living with uncle Seth Harris Jr. Census appears to show “J Arvilla Harris”, age 11, female.
Also in household is ?Jesse? Austin, male, age 16. Could this be Leonard Austin, who married the “other” Arvilla Drew Harris? Or was it Arvilla D who lived with Seth?

I have conflicting birth records - possibly 1837 or 1838 
Harris, Arvilla (I3934)
113 1850 - See Arvilla Harris Harris, Arvilla Drew (I3933)
114 1850 ceneus: married to Brettanie Thomes, age 26, with son Gardner, age 2.
also 1860. 
Thomes, Samuel (I4119)
115 1850 census - household includes Walter S. Newton, age 12

Knight Cemetery, Peru, Oxford County, Maine
Route 108 near Peru Center Road 
Walker, William (I3751)
116 1850 census lists Andrew W. Cole, age 18, in household. Also Lucy Royal, age 87, ‘pauper’, and John Lyford, age 50, cooper. Mower, Mary (I4275)
117 1850 census lists Erastus Halsey, age 17, and George B Halsey, age 2, in household.

His early politics was Whig.

At age 26, he went to Calais, VT wher he married and lived for twelve years and where his oldest four children were born.

Lived and died in the house where he was born, and where his father settled and lived. 
Mower, Deacon Oliver (I4251)
118 1850 census lists Lydia Mower, age 56, in household. Possibly this is a second wife.

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 44.20780, Longitude: -70.11940
aka Moss Cemetery?

202 to Wiley Rd to Morse Cemetery Rd

Had 2 children by first wife and 10 by second. Not sure why Mom recorded only Warren. 
Mower, Ebenezer (I4359)
119 1850 census lists ten additional children of Ebenezer.

possibly aka Capt. Ebenezer Verrill

possibly JAsper Cemetery, Pottle Hill Road, Minot
Find A Grave Memorial# 93005257 
Verrill, Ebenezer (I1767)
120 1850 census lists Wiliam Mower age 57 living with Oliver Mower. If this is an error and actual age was 67, could this be a reference to William b. 21May1784? Mower, William (I4273)
121 1850 household includes:
Joseph Yeaton, age 5
Ebenezer F. Yeaton, age 1, possibly a second son, born after his father’s death and given his middle name, and re-using ‘Ebenezer’ from the son who died in 1848.
Justin E. Hodgkins, age 21 (Judeth’s brother), noted as working in shoe shop
Elisha Hall, age 21, noted as working in shoe shop

1860 household includes:
Judeth Yeaton age 26 ok
Aureal (?) Yeaton , f, age 53
Zebulon Rowe age 48 possible boarder?
Joseph Yeaton age 15 ok
Frederick Yeaton age 10 ok
Betsey Hodgkins age 60 ok

Name spelled Judith on gravestone

middle name Lane per Poor/“Merrimack” 
Hodgkins, Judeth Lane (I843)
122 1850 listed on census as Joan Durgin.

Libby lot contains four generations of Atwood women. Joanna, her daughter Francis and Francis's daughter, Josie Atwood Hodgkins and her daughter, Methyl Gertrude. 
Durgin, Joanna Atwood (I110)
123 1850 living in Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine

1870 - Listed in census as Osborn C. Libby, living with mother, sister and brother.

Death listed in 1908 Lewiston, Androscoggin County, Maine, City Directory.

Per gravestone, Charles and Sophonia died within days of each other Dec1908. However, Charles’ death record says he died in 1907. 
Libby, Charles Osborn (I1151)
124 1850/35 60/..  Chase, Isaac (I3767)
125 1850:
- census covers Waterford, Sweden, and Denmark
- also in household are Ann (assumed wife); Charles How (assumed son-in-law) and Mary; Gerige and Augusta (assumed grandchildren)
- next door to brother Jonathan 
Longley, Abel (I5104)
126 1850:
- census covers Waterford, Sweden, and Denmark
- also in household are Sophia (assumed wife) and Jonathan, Martha, Nancy and Lewis (assumed children)
- next door to brother Abel

FaG suggests an earlier wife, Lydia Robbin Longley, 1799-1843, and lists children James, Jonathan, and Lewis 
Longley, Jonathan Jr. (I5106)
127 1850: also in household are Angela/Angelia, age 13, granddaughter, and Henrietta (?) age 4. Harris, Seth Sr. (I3925)
128 1850: also in household are children Demas, Deborah, Chloe, Benjamin(?), and Henry
1870: also in household is Harriet E., age 19
1880: also in household is George, age 15, lsted as servant but no last name given 
Burgess, John (I4824)
129 1850: also in household are George H. Downing, age 13 (presumed son), and Lura Ann Downing, age 9, presumed daughter.

1860: also in household are Lura Downing, age 19 (daughter?); George W. Jacksn, age 25, oil cloth carpet painter, and ?Apollos Hammond, age 22, occupation marked “do” - possibly “ditto”, meaning that he was also an oil cloth carpet painter.

Amos and Lucy may have had a daughter Sarah b 19Feb1941, who married Apollos Hammond 10Jun1860. Maybe sarah is actually Lura? Ages seem to fit/ Apollos may have d. 1864 in New Orleans (presumably in the war). There is an Apollos Hammond from ME buried at the Chalmette National Cemetery.

1870: also in household is Edgar Hammond, age 8.

1880: also in household is Elmer Hammond, age 18.

Possibly Edgar/Elmer is a child of Apollos and Lura???

See Maple Hill Cemetery, Winthrop for both Amos and Lura. FaG suggets that they were married

Possibly married Laura/Lura Livermore King 4Sep1828

Possibly married Lucy Orcutt 14May1836 
Downing, Amos (I508)
130 1850: also in household are Loan P. Haskell, age 30, f,

1860 cenus is difficult to read, but also in household appear to be Luann B. Haskell, age 40; Pembroke O. Haskell, age 10; Lucena Haskell, age 6

Presumably Loan/Luann is Samuel’’s wife 
Haskell, Samuel Hubbard Jr. (I1562)
131 1850: also in household is Augustus Matthews, age 2, female, Race: B; Jane Furbush, age 65, ?pauper? Parker, William Stinson (I5178)
132 1850: also in household is Betsey Turner, age 27 -- same name as Sarah’s mother, although age is wrong. Sister?

possibly another wife, Marryann R. Hodgkins, m 23May1844 or 9Jun1844 
Norwood, Henry (I5795)
133 1850: also in household is Eunice Bickford, age 68. Belive this is Eunice Jordan Atwood, although birth date is not quite right. Durgin, Benjamin Cotton (I111)
134 1850: also in household is Olive F. Perkins, 55, and Sarah PErkins, 16, and Elbrige G. Brown, 49, wheelwright Brown, Samuel (I4376)
135 1850: household includes Jon (father), Rebecca (mother), Temperance (age 34; sister? aunt?), Aaron (age 18) and Rachel (sister, age 16)

1870: also in household are Rebecca Mower, age 80 (mother?) and Temperence Mower, age 53, but not Anna.

1880: also in household are mother Rebecca (80) and sister Temperance (63)

possibly Civil War, Aaron Mower, Co. 1., 29th Reg: In£.
See Sesquicentennial p 74 
Mower, Aaron (I5151)
136 1850: probably living with son James in Lisbon Arris, James Jordan (I1996)
137 1850: Roxbury, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, census lists born in Massachusetts, age 22.

MR indicates she was adopted by Sylvanus Jordan, so posibly birth name was Clapp

Headstone damaged and difficult to read. Appears to say died Aug 30, 1889, aged 54y 9m ?d

This suggests b Nov 1835, not 1833 as I currently have recorded. 
Clapp, Sarah Elizabeth (I1244)
138 1850:also in household are Mary, Jonas?, James, Sophronia, and Esther Hodgkins, Israel (I379)
139 1850:household includes:
Jacob Parker 53
Lois Parker 43
Ann M Parker 23
Lydia A Crosby 21
Jacob A Parker 20
Mary E Parker 18
Chas J Parker 16
A B Parker 14
Lois S Parker 11
Thatcher W Parker 8
Henrietta A Parker 6
Horatio P Parker 4
A B Crosby 25 (probably husband of Lydia)

1860 household includes:
Jacob Parker 63
Lois Parker 53
Thatcher Parker 18
Henrietta Parker 16
Horatio Parker 14
Henry P Curtis 32
Lois S Curtis 21 
Parker, Capt. Jacob Royal (I5169)
140 1858 per FaG ???, Nellie M. (I3238)
141 1860 - also in household is Calvin W. Allen , age 21, insurance agent. Possible brother? Allen, Marion Bradford (I3966)
142 1860 - also in household is Francis Parsons, M, age 11 (possibly 14)

1851 m. Mary Zipporah Parsons

possibly d. 3Jan1902 at Maine Insane Hospital 
Atwood, Henry W. (I1413)
143 1860 - also in household is Mary Goddard, age 45. Downing, Timothy (I594)
144 1860 - Boarder with brother Benjamin and family in 1860 and listed as Jane L. Durgin.

19Apr1880 - They left to live in Denver, Colorado.

Listed in 1850 census as Jane Durgin.

1880 - Golden, Colorado, family listed only by initials. Lucinda shown as J. L. Perkins.

1900 - Lucinda and husband living with daughter and her husband, Frank Johnson. 
Durgin, Lucinda Jane (I1262)
145 1860 - Census lists name as Hannah A.

possibly AKA Anna

possibly Arvilla

possibly aka Mount Forst Cemetery, Coaticook

DR says that she had been living in Quebec for over 50 years. If so she must have moved there not long after the 1870 census. 
Hobbs, Hannah Avilda (I4036)
146 1860 - Listed as Laura A. Wells in Census. No children.

1908 - Auburn, Androscoggin, Maine, Directory lists Lura A. as widow of Chas. H. Wills and living at 101 Goff Street. 
Hodgkins, Lura Ann Parker (I576)
147 1860 - Listed as Lovisa S. Hodgkins in Census.

1870 - Possibly listed as Levisa Hogekins in Auburn (Ward 3) Maine. Son, Edmond Hogekins. But son is listed as age 29, whereas Ebenezer would only have been 20

1880 - Living with son in Minot and listed as Lorica S. Hodgkins 
Gammon, Louisa S. (I575)
148 1860 - Living with brother Jonathan E. Hodgkins. Hodgkins, Daniel (I1906)
149 1860 - Living with Elias Taylor in Hebron, Oxford County, Maine and working as a farm laborer. Davee, Horatio Granville (I4085)
150 1860 - Living with first wife, Sarah L. and children, Ellen A., Sarah M., James A. and Howard F. in Portland, Maine.

1870 - Living with first wife, Sarah L. and children Sarah M., James A. and Howard F. in Portland, Maine.

1880 - Living with daughter Sarah & son Howard in Portland

census ??? - Living with him was wife Joanna, his son, Howard and wife, Julia and three grandchildren, Gertrude, Frederick and Ellen.

Stephen was listed as a widower in 1880 Census and living with him were his daughter, Sarah, age 24 and son, Howard F., age 22.

1900 census - household includes son Howard, his wife Julia, children Gertrude, Fredrick & Ellen 
Hall, Stephen D. (I600)

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