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201 1861 - Canning Census shows, Jane, age 35, daughter, living with father, Thomas age 70.

Ann Hinckley Levy
Proposed Change: Thomas Williams (I2472)

Proposed Change: Thomas Williams (I2472)
Tree: Reed

Description: Jane A. Williams, is my 2nd great grandmother. I did not have any information as to her siblings until I saw your website. Jane was born 15 May 1826 at St. John, NB; she died 23 Dec 1905 at Northfield, Sunbury, NB. She never married, better said, she refused to marry the man who fathered her son, Albert Williams who was born 14 Sep 1853, who in turn had a bunch of kids. I have interviewed so many of the family in my many trips to New Brunswick, most of whom are in Chipman. The mystery around the name of the father of Albert is a real story. In the end, I have almost certainty that he was Isaac Scott...all circumstantial evidence. I would be happy to share information if you are interested. My tree, The Ancestry of Thelms Gwendolyn (Bracy) Hinckley is on

Ann Hinckley Levy 
Williams, Jane (I3401)
202 1861 Canning Census list a Margaret McKenzie age 40 with her children John, age 10, Alice, age 8, and Rachel, age 1. Margaret is Welsh, Baptist. Children born in Canada. Williams, Margaret (I2474)
203 1861 Canning Census shows ACKERLEY as family name; also in household are niece Elizabeth Robinson, 25, and boarder Rebecca ?Homes?, 76.

1881 Census spells name AHERLEY
1881 Census shows entire family as Baptists

1860 Marriage Bonds spells name AKERLY

1871 Census lists Leonard's age as 45. born 1825??
1871 Canning Parish. N.B. Census spelled AKERLY.
1871 Census showed May Robertson, age 84 living with family.

Grave stone shows birth date as 1835.

NB Archives F9092 #6641 shows Leonard and John Robinson both of Canning in Queens County paid 500 pounds on Nov. 25, 1860. Bond to marry Frances Aurelia Chapman of the same place, spinster.

28 Dec 1860 Religious Intelligencer reported marriage November 15, 1860, by William Robinson, at his residence in Newcastle, Grand Lake (Queens Co.) Francis was list as Chipman and both from Canning.

Posted by: Walt Akerley
Date: February 03, 2002 at 18:35:29
In Reply to: Re: Akerley c 1757 by Tibby
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Hi, My stats show Abraham Akerley born in 1767 in Gagetown, NB, Canada. He married Ann DeLong and his childern were:

William, James, Daniel, Isreal, Titus, Charles, Leonard, Susan, Miriam, Mercy, Abraham.

According to what I've been able to gather, the Leonard above is my great-gandfather.

Hope this helps. What is your relationship to the Akerley family?

Akerley, Leonard (I2324)
204 1861 Canning Census shows Charles as a general laborer.

Lorna Burke's great frandfather

shown on 1891 census as a Baptist and a farmer 
Chapman, Charles Sams (I2482)
205 1861 Canning, Queens County, New Brunswick Census shows William, age 22, and his sister, Phillipa, age 15 living together. He is listed as a farmer from England and a Methodist. Libby, William Henry (I2488)
206 1861 Listed as sister, living with Gilbert and Rhoda Flower, age 19 Flower, Catherine (I3514)
207 1861 Lists age age 27 not 30 living with his father, John, and his two sons, Thomas and Reuben. Flower, James (I3314)
208 1861 Was not listed with Margaret and children. McKenzie, ??? (I3395)
209 1861 Welsh origin Williams, Margaret (I2474)
210 1861/14 Flower, William (I3631)
211 1861/15 Libby, Philippa (I2489)
212 1861/23 Flower, Margaret (I3632)
213 1861/25 Flower, Charles (I3633)
214 1861/56 Chapman, William S. (I2477)
215 1861/63 Ellsworth, Catherine (I3620)
216 1861/72 Flower, Thomas (I3619)
217 1868 per headstone Donnell, Burton Calvin (I5450)
218 1868 per headstone Haskell, Elizabeth (I4175)
219 1869 per Harold’s BR Watts, Emily Josephine (I2448)
220 1870 - also in household is Francis Gowell, age 15, farm laborer (no known relation) Bishop, Samuel T. (I4818)
221 1870 - also in household is mother-in-law Susan Hovey, age 64.

Cemetery plot 506


Jera Wheelock Mower
July 7, 1824
April 15, 1878

Susan Townsend
His Wife
May 8, 1835
April 2, 1879 
Mower, Jera Wheelock (I4950)
222 1870 - also in household are Mary L. Hobbs age 76 and Fanny Hodgkins age 15.

1860-1861 served as selectman in Minot.

1850 - also in household are Henry J. Marston, age 19, shoe worker, and Daniel Hodgkins Jr., age 17, farmer. Is Daniel possibly the same person as ID#1906 -- age is approximately correct, father’s name is also Daniel; possible farming while laid off from mill? 
Hodgkins, Samuel D. (I841)
223 1870 - also in household is Frederick Bartlett, age 84, physiscian.

per death record, she was married at time of death, although last name still listed as Downing 
Downing, Elmira A. (I511)
224 1870 - also in household were George H. Irish, age 2, dry goods clerk (possible brother-in-law?) and Helen M. Irish, age 22 (possible sister-in-law?) Atwood, Charles Barrell (I705)
225 1870 - Elizabeth, age 80, living with grandson, Fred E. H. Yeaton and her daughter Judeth. Downing, Elizabeth (I840)
226 1870 - Listed as Lois S. Harris and living with Flora M. and Stephen W. Harradon. Harris, Lois E. (I4062)
227 1870 - Listed in census as Flora M. Harradon as wife of Stephen W. Harradon.

Flora apparently married Shepherd Harradon shortly after Stephen Harris died. By 1870 they have three children (Edward, 7, John, 5, Mary, 1), although these could have been Stephen Harradon’s children from a previous wife. (Edward, at least, appears to be child with with wife “Mary J. Harradon”)

Marriage intentions 8oct1868 between Shepherd W. Harradon & Miss Flora Harris. Neither bride nor groom listed as 2nd marriage, widowed, or divorced. But record is very sparse (copied form earlier record) and may just be assuming “Miss”.

1880: Shepard Harradon, Flora M, Edward, John, Mary, Adda & Millie living in Turner. Families Briggs, Chandler, Harradon, Robbins, Coffin
1870 familes Chandler, Briggs, briggs, harradon, bunker, ash

FaG lists her as Flora M. Harlow Harradon. Confusion with previous married name Harris? Or is Harlow maiden name?

Reverse of headstone shows two men, last name “Mann”, and their wives. Possibly Flora was previously married to Mr. Mann, and these are thier sons? 
???, Flora M. (I3956)
228 1870 - Listed in census as Nathan Morrill. Morrill, Earl Nathan (I4123)
229 1870 - Living in household of brother-in-law Albion Mower. Longley, Israel Waterhouse (I5042)
230 1870 - Living in Leeds, Androscoggin County, Maine with parents and listed as Elliot.

Apparently went by the name of Elliot as Amanda is listed in Turner directory as widow of Elliot. 
Gilbert, George Elliot (I3916)
231 1870 - Roswell was living with his children Eugne and Julia, ages six and four. Also in household is Lucy J. Moody, age 25, housekeeper

1880 - Children Eugene H., age 16 and Julia V., age 14 from prior marriage living with Roswell and Clara.

Listed in 1910 census living in East Livermore, Androscoggin County, Maine

1920 - Living in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts with daughter and son-in-law, Louisa B. and Ernest T. Cushman. 
Boothby, Hon. Roswell C. (I707)
232 1870 - Working as a domestic servant at age 14.

1870 - Also listed as living with parents in Minot, Androscoggin County, Maine. 
Harris, Ada M. (I3930)
233 1870 census - also in household is Eloise Proctor, age 65

Wyman Hill Cemetery
Wyman Hill Road
off Rt 108, south side of river 
Burgess, Thomas (I84)
234 1870 census - parents Alexander & Elizabeth living with him. Also Jospeh, age 13. Child from previous marriage? nephew? Nelson, Samuel Atwood (I4029)
235 1870 census appears to swap the ages of Geroge and Albert Bishop, George Roscoe (I4738)
236 1870 Census listed as Mellie R. Durgin.

Durgin Genealogy shows marriage date as April 24, 1893.

1910 - Name listed as Melroy B. Durgin on Census, widowed and living with his girls at Calvin Irish home.

1920 - also in household is Joe Barney, stepson, age 10

Possibly divorced from Ida Lovejoy sometime after birth of Elroy Edward, and moved to Los Angeles? She moved to Barrington NH? See notes for daughter Ida. 
Durgin, Mellaroy Benjamin (I1253)
237 1870 census lists children Albert age 8, Rosco ange 10 and Ella age 4, among others. Possible Clara - Ella and Rosco = George R. Bishop, Zadock (I4722)
238 1870 census lists Mary M. Hinkly, age 8, in household

per BR, Amos is his parents’ 7th child. I think he is the 5th. Perhaps two stillborn? 
Bishop, Amos H. (I4259)
239 1870 census lists place of birth as Monmouth, Maine Burgess, Eliza Ann (I4260)
240 1870 census lists place of birth as Phillips, Maine Byron, Julia H. (I4844)
241 1870 census lists Stephen Beal, age 13, born in Webster, ME, in the household. He is shown as having attended school within the year; perhaps he stayed ‘in town’ with the Mowers to attend classes.

1840 census: 1 male < 5 years old (assume Thomas); 2<10 (assume Alonzo & Daniel); 1<15 (assume Melville); 1<20 (assume Orrin); 1<50 (assume Calvin); 1<90 (assume John). 1 female < 10 years old (assume Hannah); 2<15 (assume Annie & Cynthia); 1<20 (assume Angeline); 1<40 (assume Eunice) 
Mower, Calvin (I4373)
242 1870 Census shows George, age 12, working in shoe shop.

1920: also in household Ethel J. “Judge” (probably Church), age 34, sister-in-law

George’s death date is not inscribed on the family headstone in Turner. Believe he was actually buried in Baltimore with his wife. 
Whiting, George F. (I1619)
243 1870 Census, Minot, Maine, spelled family name Dowring. (Nathan, Waty, Nathan P., Lois A., Clarence H. and ? Downing)

Possibly had two sons named Paschal and two named Nathan, the older ones both dying as infants. See grave stone.

Paschal’s DR says Nathan was born in Andover, MA 
Downing, Nathan (I857)
244 1870 census: Clarissa is not listed in the household. Children listed: Arthur F. age 15, Sarah L. age 13, Fulton (?) L. age 9. Possibly Clarissa dies aft 1861?

Deacon per headstone 
Holt, Luther Prescott (I1882)
245 1870 family name spelled Moore in census.
1880 grandmother Susan Hovey age 74 also in household, also aunt Isabel, age 34

middle name per 1900 census 
Mower, Arthur Jera (I5351)
246 1870 living in Turner with his mother and 1880 living in Auburn with his mother. Curtis, Howard L. (I939)
247 1870: also in household are daughters Georgiana, 9; Etta Y., 6; Gertrude, 3/12. Also Sarah Davis, age 67, probably his mother.

1880: also in household are daughters Georgia A., 19; Etta T., 16; Gertrude B., 10; Sadie S., 7; Henry N. Bishop, age 11, listed as “farm laborer” but not son, stepson, etc

1880: census indicates they lived “next door”, or nearly so, to Paschal A. Downing family (i354). 
Davis, Jacob (I4883)
248 1870: also in household are the following, presumably John and Lois’ children: Parker I. 17; Eugene N., 12; George B., 11; John S., 9; Ezra C., 6; Celia M., 3; Nattie L., 1 Staples, John Babson (I5233)
249 1870: also in household is Albert Thompson, age 19, born in Fairfield. Sawyer, John E. (I5256)
250 1870: also in household is Freeman Record (?), age 52, laborer

1850: also in household are Eliphalet Noyes, age 65, blacksmith, and Joanna Noyes, age 64.

Noyes book Vol 1. says he had only one child, Frank. 
Noyes, Levi Prelight (I1594)

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