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251 1870: also in household is Freeman Record (?), age 52, laborer

1850: also in household are Eliphalet Noyes, age 65, blacksmith, and Joanna Noyes, age 64.

Noyes book Vol 1. says he had only one child, Frank. 
Noyes, Levi Prelight (I1594)
252 1870: also in household is George P. Goding, age 21, farm laborer

May have been a mail carrier as early as 1826, and later postmaster of South Livermore, per Washburn’s “Notes” p. 88 
Chase, Job (I3762)
253 1870: also in household is Jonathan Brawn, age 50, teamster

never married per Sesquicentennial 
Mower, Martin (I4964)
254 1870: also in household is Mary E Gowell/Lowell, age 14

Referred to as “Capt. Jabez Pratt” on wife’s headstone 
Pratt, Jabez (I5923)
255 1870: alsoin house hold is Lydia Nutting, age 82. assumed mother. Nutting, Aaron (I46)
256 1870: dwelling also home to William Knowlton family
David A Gilmore 25
Maria M Gilmore 22
Herbert D Gilmore 2
Ella L Gilmore 1

Enlisted in Company A, Maine 13th Infantry Regiment on 20 Nov 1861.Mustered out on 06 Jan 1865 at Augusta, ME. 
Gilmore, David Allen (I5857)
257 1870: hosehoold contains “Lizzie A”, age 20, and “Eliza”, age 18. Eliza is listed out of age-order, after the other children. Perhaps she was aother relative, a hired hand, etc. Parker, Elizabeth (I5195)
258 1870: married, one child. Next to brother and father Hodgkins, Alpheus (I5702)
259 1870: married, several children. Next door to father. Hodgkins, William (I5704)
260 1870: married, wife Ruth C., daughter Amanda E. Burgess, William (I6110)
261 1870: per census, probably working in shoe factory

1880: Census lists J.J. Downing, age 35, and wife Anna E., age 35, living on Winter Street in Auburn. He is a shoe shop hand. Likely match. 
Downing, Charles Newell (I1337)
262 1870: son of HOH. Also in household are John O., ship master, age 50, born Maine, wife Annie R., age 39, born N.B., daughter Mary W., age 5, daughter Margaret, age 8/12. Note no daughter Josephine

1880: listed as nephew of HoH. Also in household is Josephine A. Given, age 22, listed as niece. Occupation possibly “In organette Manu.” Father born Maine, mother born N.B. 
Given, John L. (I5440)
263 1870: There appears to be another “Albion K. P. Mower”, born about 1825, a farmer in Turner. None of the family members listed on that census match any in my records, so I assume this is a coincidence, or reflects some shared ancestry I do not know about yet.

Albion K. Paris Mower, b 26Oct1825
parents Johnathan & Clarisa Mower, Turner

See Jonathan Mower i4276

Albion Keith Parris (1788-1857, born Hebron, later Paris) was the fifth governor of Maine, and was generally a famous guy before that. Possible namesake. 
Mower, Dea. Albion K. P. (I4980)
264 1870:possibly working as a housekeeper on a farm in Carratunk owned by Joseph Clark Chase, Amanda Josephine (I3389)
265 1871 - also in household is Hannah Flower, age 72, widow. Based on age, this does not appear to be his mother, whom I thought was b1815. Need to confirm. Flower, Thomas (I3628)
266 1871 - Living with James and Rachel Flower, age 14 McKenzie, Alice (I2476)
267 1871 Canning Parish. New Brunswick Census shows Thomas a widower living with James and Rachel Flower. Age 86. Born in England.

Grave stone states died at age 87. 
Williams, Thomas (I2472)
268 1871 census form is noted “Family wrongly numbered, added at end of book”

Grave stone shows age 81 at time of death.

Family was Baptist

William listed in 1881 Census as machinest.

Came from Plymouth, England

William listed as Blacksmith in 1891 census

New Brunswick Courier on October 17, 1829 reported marriage on Tuesday morning by Rev. Dr. Burns, both of Saint John.

March 15, 2003. Email from Lorna Burke (a Chapman descendant) states that William and his brother were both blacksmiths by trade. William would never shoe a horse because his brother had been killed in that way. William migrated to Saint John as a young man. He found plenty of work because many things were made of iron by hand back then, hinges, latches, nails etc. He was evidently skilled and in a short time became head smith in a large foundry. Several of the children were born in Saint John before the family moved to Grand Lake to make iron work for the vessels being built there. His shop was located in the shipyard and he directed the work of thirty-nine men. He oversaw the making of the tools to manufacture chains, anchors and all the orther iron fittings required. It is said that he did things with iron considered impossible today without cranes and electric welding.

Contrary to our vision of "Under the spreading chestnut tree the village smithy stands. The smith, a mighty man is he with large and sinewy hands". William Chapman was a small man. He had a wonderful memory, excellent eyesight and hearing. He loved reading, and retained his keen faculties all this life. He died aged 94 in the autumn of 1898 or spring of 1899. William's wife, Frances, was a very pleasant woman despite a photograph which shows her with a sour look. This had been termed "The Chapman look", but it came from her rather than William. She responded often to calls for help in cases of illness and at birthings. Frances evidently had her say in family matters. On one occasion William received word that he had been left a legacy in England but would have to journey there to claim it. A trip across the Atlantic at that time was time-consuming and occasionally hazardous so Frances refused to let him go. 
Chapman, William S. (I2477)
269 1871 census Lists Adelade, age 17, living with John Flower, age 75 and Eleanor Flower age 28. Note that John & Eleaner household is same house as John E. Flower. Corey, Adelaide (I3437)
270 1871/28 Flower, Eleanor (I3405)
271 1871/75 Flower, John (I3296)
272 1871: Lodewick Sypher home is noted as “ Doble Hose Belonging to M-- E--” - may say “Millory Estate “? This dwelling is listed as containing six households, for a total of 33 people.

1891 Canning Census lists Jarvis's father, Lodewick, age 88 living with the family. Lodewick was born 04 July 1802 and died 22 January 1897. His wife, Phebe A. was born 04 May 1806 and died June 1871. They are buried at Sypher's Cove Cemetery, Grand Lake, Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada.

1911: also in househod is Andrew McLean, age 80, boarder 
Sypher, Jarvis Gable (I2548)
273 1880 - Boarding with William Knowlton and his wife, Ann, in Minot, Androscoggin County, Maine

Family gravestone says “Hodgkins / Colby” on one side, “Redding/Larrabee” on the other. “Colby” is Frank Merton Colby. Relation to Redding or Larrabee is unknown.

Annie Beatrice’s BR lists him as Frank H. Hodgkins, born Boston

MR says he was b. Massachusetts

at least 6 chidren. 6th is Freda Viola, b. 30Nov1904 
Hodgkins, Frank Dewey (I1611)
274 1880 - Farm Laborer for nephew Frederick E. H. Yeaton and a widower. THIS IS PROBABLY NOT THE CORRECT MOSES, since there is another entry in Lewiston the same year that lists Moses’ entire family.

1890 Census listed as Mozes, living with his son Frank D. and his family in Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine.

Obituary in Daily Kennebec Journal (Augusta, Maine) 27 December 1902.

Served in 45 Massachusetts Military Infantry Co. Private. Film #M544 Roll 19. Stationed at Fort Macon, North Caroline until April 25, 1863. Regiment mustered out July 8, 1863. Nineteen men killed or wounded and thirty-two by disease.

U S Veterans Cemeties lists a Moses Hodgkins buried in Togus, Maine. Died December 25, 1902 with service in U. S. Army from September 26, 1862 through July 7, 1863. Co. G 45 Mass. Enlistment date September 15, 1862. Mustered out July 7, 1863. 
Hodgkins, Moses D. (I842)
275 1880 - Listed in census as having Ulceration of the bowels.

DR lists name as Maddock 
Maddox, Mary S. (I1910)
276 1880 - Living with daughter Abby and her husband, Henry Hyde. Coffin, Sarah (I675)
277 1880 - Living with family was an aunt, Mary Shaw, age 80, born in Maine.

1850 - Listed in census as Jane Cole. 
Chase, Elmira Jane (I3392)
278 1880 - Living with Jonas C. Harris and listed as niece.

Maine MR: married Willard L. Tripp, 15Nov1890, Turner.

per various census reports: married to ??? Tripp; widowed by 1900. SS also supports last name Tripp

1930: listed as Minnie L. Tripp, widowed, mother-in-law, living with William T. Tedswell (?) and his wife/her daughter Alice M. Age 25 at first marriage

1940: widowed, living in Buckfield with son-in-law Arthur C. Turner and (thus) daughter Elsie A. 
Austin, Minnie Lozania (I4070)
279 1880 census lists occupation as “L”, probably meaning laborer (in local mills) Emmons, Nathan Smith (I346)
280 1880 census lists Rose A. Boon, age 5, daughter, and Bishop Boon, age 3, son. Place of birth for Rose and Bishop’s parents is listed as Texas, so perhaps they were adopted.

1860: also in household are H.R. Simpson, m, age 69, and Hannah Simpson, age 64. Possibly these are Paul Rolfe and HAnnah, Willard’s parents.

SAR application says he was born in Cambridge, MA aand died in Big Hill, Gonzales, TX 
Simpson, Willard Eastman (I5433)
281 1880 census lists Susie J. Longley, age 34, in household.

1900- Mother-in-law Pauline in household 
Longley, William Edward (I4640)
282 1880 census says b. Maine, father b. Maine, mother b. Rhode Island ???, Mary R. (I4867)
283 1880 census shows Esther M. Chase, age 75, widowed, living near Lewis M. Chase. Implied birth date of 1805 does not match my (unsourced) birth date of 1812, but close.

middle name may be Mason

Esther M. Daggett is the wife of the cousin of Lewis Morrill Chase 1 times removed 
Daggett, Esther M. (I3771)
284 1880 Turner Census listed her as Ada C. Harris.

In later years she raised her son, David's family after his wife died.

18 Jun 1886 - Marriage intentions filed with Town of Turner and certificate to marry issued on June 21, 1886. 
Harris, Cora Ada (I3382)
285 1880 Turner Census shows William as a farmer.

Census shows grandson, Gardner Gage, age 5 with familly. Who’s grandson? Assume William E., although I have found no further records of him. Possibly adopted? But, census also says father’s birthplace is vermont. William E. is believed to have been born in Maine. Is Gardner Rozillar or Ada’s son?

>> Massachusetts marriage records indicate he is Ada’s son with Simon B. Gage. 
Harris, William Wallace (I3675)
286 1880- Living with brother-in-law, Martin Mower in Minnesota.
Listed in 1860 as Lucretia Mower.
1849 - Minnesota Census, 1835-90 Record, St.Illwater Precinct, Washington County 
Remick, Gratia Ann (I4961)
287 1880: also in household are wife Eliza and children Fanny, Celia, and George Parker, George Washington (I4958)
288 1880: also in household are wife Emeline E. and daughters Nellie and Jennie Shaw, Zebedee (I5910)
289 1880: also in household are ‘Roxa’ Moulton, age 77 (most likely mother-in-law) and Peter Hughes, age 18, laborer Rackley, Stephen B. (I5122)
290 1880: also n household is Augustus Sprague, age 75 (father?) and Sarah Hodges, age 36, boarder Sprague, Virgil Horace (I4282)
291 1880: Apparent double-counting in census data. Possibly William Henry, Clinton, and Everett were all working as shoe shop hands and boarding with Isaac Verrill family. Possibly Clinton and Everett were living with parents. Whiting, William Henry (I1624)
292 1880: boarder, with parent and sister Minnie A., in Leonard Martin boarding home, where her father was the cook.

1900: Intersection with Shawmut Street 
Ward, Eva E. (I1688)
293 1880: census indicates possibly living in Woodstock, ME (ED 141 SH 17A). Listed as widowed; ‘pauper’ along with several others; some type of poor farm? Clough, Nancy (I3922)
294 1880: Eugene living with parents, with wife Irene and son Henry, age 5. Harris, Eugene (I5985)
295 1880: Lewsiton census lists Laura as married, but Thomas not in household. Perhaps he had moved to Colorado?

Sesquicentennial gives middle name as Haven.

Civil War Pension Index-Widow listed as Maggie. Company G 1st Maine Cav. Filed in Colorado. 
Mower, Thomas Henry (I4310)
296 1880: living with uncle Selden and Selden’s wife Mary (but not apparently with Robert’s mother Mary, or Robert’s father)

married Nellie C. Snow 18Sep1904

profession “submarine diver” per MR 
Chase, Robert Elmer (I5783)
297 1880: Nephew Adelbert Shaw, age 3, in household

d16Nov1899 per headstone

middle name possibly Edwin 
Millett, Moses E. (I275)
298 1880: there is an Aaron Mower of appropriate age living in Lewiston, listed as divirced.
1870: same Aaron living in Greene (with Temperance and Rebecca, ?mother and ?sister)

possible divorce record:
Maine, Divorce Records, 1798-1891 about Annie A Mower
Annie A Mower
Aaron Mower
Divorce Date:
Apr 1867
Divorce Place:
Androscoggin Maine
Docket Number:
Family F3248
299 1880: wife Lena, daughters Jennie, Lena, Gracie
1900: wife Susan E.
1910: wife Susan A., granddaughter Lena M. Young
1920: wife Susan E. 
Philbrick, Zenas (I4165)
300 1881 - Listed as Hollen Chapman. Listed as Holly on 1901 Census.
1911 census lists bNov1878, age 33 
Chapman, Halby Havelock (I2511)

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