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351 1900 census says he was porn in Feb 1889 Daigle, Cletus John (I5645)
352 1900 census says she had 6 childrem 5 living.
1900 census says living as head of household under name True (not bishoP) with daughter Lucy (not on FaGlist).

Fag suggests:
  Daniel Bishop (1846 - 1846)*
  Rose C Bishop Read (1848 - 1940)*
  Hartson Bishop (1851 - 1863)*
  Julia B Bishop (1853 - 1863)*
  Mary Ann Bishop (1856 - 1856)*
  Infant Daughter Bishop (1861 - 1861)*

if FaG is correct, only one of these children was alive in 1900

The 1900 ensus is probably the wrong person 
True, Julia (I4828)
353 1900 Census show born in July. Colston, Thomas Marshall (I5446)
354 1900 Census shows born July 1868. Libby, Amy (I2647)
355 1900 Census shows Emily had six children but only three are living. Irish, Emily D. (I755)
356 1900 Census shows married twenty nine years with no children. Harris, Mary (I4057)
357 1900 Census shows mother of eight children with five living. Gowell, Betsey (I1425)
358 1900 Census shows no children. Hill, Eunice W. (I4416)
359 1900 Census shows she had one child who was not living (assumed to be Carrie).

Old Family Cemetery lot off the Quaker Ridge Road in Greene. It is overgrown and contains two stones. The cemetery is enclosed within an old rusted fence. 
Shaw, Helen Orintha (I5236)
360 1900 Census shows she had one child, who is still living.

Mower book . 107 says Thomas’ second wife’s name was Emily, and that they had two children: George Ernest and Claire. No mention of wife Margeret or child Elsie. 
???, Margaret M. (I5030)
361 1900 census suggests 1852 Cogswell, Alonzo Clinton (I163)
362 1900 cenus lists a married daughter b 1874 named Tempest Jordan.

DR suggests b 18Nov1847

DR says buried in Buckfield, no further detail. This probably means Buckfield Cemetery 
Chase, Charles A. (I4074)
363 1900 Lisbon census lists a John A. Atwood, age 70, divorced, born Aug 1829. I have no record of a divorce, but John is not buried with Abbie, either.

1870: also in househo,d are Abbie, 
Durgin, John Atwood (I1317)
364 1900 ocupation in unclear on census form. 9 months unemployed.

According to gravestone, b1867; and had wife named Bessie C Horne, and a baby who died in 1887. This would seem to overlap with his marriage to Kestina Thompson

1940: also in household is Elaine M. Davis, age 27, niece

Dorothy’s MR suggests he was living in NAshua, NH at the time of her marriage. 
Atwood, Edwin Franklin (I693)
365 1900/24 Chapman, Everitt William (I3551)
366 1900/28 Wills, Earnest Harry (I1218)
367 1900: also in household are wife Carrie, son Leon, daughters Florence and Flora, son Archer, mother Dorcas

1930 possibly living in Chesterville with daughter Florence and her husband. 
Burgess, Lewis (I5530)
368 1900: also in household are children Clara, Christina, and Cyrus Whittier, John Wesley (I6109)
369 1900: also in household are Samuel Marsh, 25, boarder, and Charles Froman, 23, boarder
1910: also in household are Margaret Robbins, 10, ward, and Charlotte Rae, 22, boarder 
Simpson, Melville Mower (I5436)
370 1900: also in household are wife Ida, 21, and daughter Laura, 5/12. Same house as sister Phebe and brother-in-law Moses Townsend (ID 6170). Davis, Turner (I6196)
371 1900: also in household daughter Olive, son ???, mother Abby.

1920:also in household were daughter Olive, son Burt W., daughter Marion, mother Abbie F.

1920:also in household were son Ward B., daughter Marion, mother Abigail F. 
Lindsey, Berton B. (I4744)
372 1900: also in household is Charles L. George, age 46, servant.

1920: also in household are boarders Howard Gott, age 68, Christine Emmons, age 17, and Henry Edgecomb, age 64 
Lincoln, Irving D. (I4876)
373 1900: also in household is daughter Julia E., age 3 Lincoln, Norris Kendall (I4872)
374 1900: also in household is Henry Griffin, age 33, brother-in-law Mower, Edward Augustus (I5504)
375 1900: also in household is Melville McKenney, age 23, servant (presuambly working farm)

Harlow Cemetery, Brighton Hill Road, Turenr

note: Georgianna’s death record lists her parent’s names as “William and Maggie” 
Robbins, Hannah (I3676)
376 1900: also in household is Mortin Tripp, age 26, roomer Whitman, John C. (I5734)
377 1900: also in household is Neetha G. Adkins, age 8. She is indicated as “daughter-in-law”, but this probably means “step-daughter”

1910: also in household is Grace Adkins, age 18, stepdaughter

DR lsist father’s name as Joseph, not Lucian 
Philbrick, Joseph Fairfield (I3828)
378 1900: also in household is Walter F. Safford, age 33, servant Lincoln, Ellis Lendall (I4871)
379 1900: also in household were mother-in-law Hannah E. Jewett and brother-in-law George H. Jewett.
1880: Servant in Charles A. Day household, next door to Albion K.P. Mower 
Briggs, Oscar Thomas (I1205)
380 1900: also in household wife Delah, b. Mar1861, him born Oct1872

1920: also in household is wife Delia age 48 (mistake?)

1930: also in household is wife Melia E. Says b. Maine, parent b. Maine, age 59, age 21 at first marrigae. Melia age 69, 16 at first marriage

Fag headstone photo says Delia b 28Mar1861 d.20Nov1938 
Downing, William Warren (I1920)
381 1900: Census lists Almon S Gilmore, age 27, as boarder, but does not mention that he is Winfield’s brother.
1910: also in household is Calvin B. Keen, age 74, father in law.
1920: also in household is Calvin B. Keen, age 83, father in law. 
Gilmore, Winfield Scott (I5400)
382 1900: Living with daughter, Jennie Austin and widowed.

Father born in New Brunswick, mother in Maine, per 1900 census

per 1850 census: parents Afred (b. abt. 1801) and Judith (b. abt. 1804) Clarke. Siblings Thomas, Jesse, Clementine, Clinton (Twins?), Foster, Alfred, Seth, Sarah. 
Clark, Mary Caroline (I3994)
383 1900: living with her parents, listed as married 3 years, but husband not listed in household Durgin, Grace Atwood (I172)
384 1900: middle initial may be T or F Moore, Clara (I5221)
385 1900: posibly living with/ servant for Moses T. Norton, age 75, Chilmark, Martha’s Vineyard, ,MA

1910 census lists possible 2nd son, Lewis????

See 1920 census. At some point Annie married Daniel Holloway (b. abt 1860)

last name per son’s DR 
Duntlin, Annie Barrows (I2020)
386 1900: There is an Ellis Alvin Giles living with parents Franklin and Elizabeth M. Giles in Amherst, Hancock County, Maine, in 1910. However, I have no further info to indicate that Ellis ever lived in Amherst. Giles, Ellis Alvin (I3797)
387 1900:also in household is Sarah A. Sawyer, mother-in-law, age 59.

11Sep11: gps reads 44 06.552 70 19.775 
Yeaton, Frederick E. Harrison Jr. (I406)
388 1900:living with parents, and daughter Stella. Listed as married.

1920: Living with wife Hazel (age 25), daughter Phyllis, and father Comfort.

listed as farmer at time of death 
Larrabee, Westbury. C. (I5659)
389 1901 - Alma was single and living with her brother at time of census. Flower, Alma (I3421)
390 1901 - Living in Queens County with his mother at age 25.

California Death Index shows Mother's name as McMahan.

1881: does not appear in census with parents & siblings.

1930 census Alhambra, Los Angeles, California show wife Stella B., age 43, born in Illinois. Says he immigrated in 1904 
Chapman, Leslie Boardman (I2502)
391 1901 census gives d11Jul1835

possibly born in Ireland; possibly born 1837, NB, Canada 
Chapman, John (I368)
392 1901 census lists mother in law ??? Flower, age 69, b Aug1831 also in household.

1911 census lists a son Arnold, age 15 also in household. Probably Harold. 
Robinson, George (I2541)
393 1901 census lists Rupert as Church of England Sypher, Rupert Leon (I2341)
394 1901 census: Flower, Benjamin Beecher (I3420)
395 1901: census lists brother Charles and Fred, children of Marta Bailey’s first marriage
Martha Bailey-1901 Census lists her as a widow and head of household with McMann children and younger child Blais Bailey. 
McMann, Maude E. (I3461)
396 1901: listed with birth date October 1, 1893. Flower, Elmer Deblois (I3324)
397 1910 - also in household is Henry Doak, age 20. Listed as hired man. Possible relative of Hattie?

19000 census says b. Dec1878, alien, immigrated 1888 
Chapman, Stanley S. (I2498)
398 1910 - also in household is mother-in-law Fannie Wentworth

Riverside Cemetery Lot 393 
Longley, George Stephen (I5048)
399 1910 - Boarding on Court Street, Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine Merrow, Grace Emma (I949)
400 1910 - Census lists mother of two children, one living. She was seamstress at Good Will Home, Fairfield, Somerset County, Maine.
1920 - living with brother-in-law Ernest Hunt in Worcester. 
Gowell, Helen F. (I941)

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