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451 1920 - Family living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.

1930 - Family living in South Bend, Saint Joseph County, Indiana.

Last address for Social Security was Manchester, Hartford County, Connecticut. 
Hodgkins, Eva Miriam (I98)
452 1920 - Helen and her mother Alice were listed as Cliff in Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts census Gibb, Helen May (I2199)
453 1920 - Lists Ada living with her sister Laura and her husband Blair Chapman. Caribou, Aroostook County, Maine. ‘indicates immigrated 1887, alien.

Never married - but see Dow Chapman 
Chapman, Ada A. (I2494)
454 1920 - Living in Webster, Androscoggin County, Maine with his wife's parents.

Went by name of Frank Splaine.

possibly buried at Sanborn Cemetery, Sabattus 
Splaine, Francis Edward (I1497)
455 1920 - Living with Judson Chapman family.
1930 - listed as part of Joseph I. Dubay household, which is in same rsidence as Judson Chapman household. 
Straight, John Mansfield (I3586)
456 1920 - Living with parents and her daughter. Atwood, Mary Emily (I1200)
457 1920 - Name listed as Eckles.

1900 - lived on same street as Josiah Haven Mower

previously had b. New York

Durgin book gives middle name as Milford 
Eccles, Chester Eugene (I148)
458 1920 - She and her husband, Errol Taylor, were living with her parents in Waterville, Kennebec County, Maine. Drummond, Katherine Stewart (I779)
459 1920 census for Solon lists an Isaac F. Davis, age 21, Also listed age 1 in 1900, son of Asher Davis

May have been a Junior

1900 census says b. Jun (or Jan) 1824; married 38 years

See North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000 Book Title: Lineage Book : NSDAR : Volume 058 : 1906 
Davis, Isaac Frank (I6152)
460 1920 census lists him as an alien, immigrated in 1909 from English Canada. Middle initial not listed; not sure if this is him.
1930 - Immigrated to U.S. in 1903 from English Canada.
1930 - Auburn Census lists William and wife, Lena and her nephew, Sherman Reed living on Manley Street, Auburn, Maine.

Citizen of Great Britain per WWI draft card

Middle initial A. on headstone. Austin / Ostin ?
Last name spelled Hogg / Hogge 
Hogge, William Osten (I3665)
461 1920 census lists “Nettie” age 75, Mother, in household. This is probably a reference to Hattie. Odiorne, Jennie Maud (I5132)
462 1920 census Mars Hill, Maine shows Helen M., age 14. Suggests born abt 1905

death assumes she became Helen L. Steward, but no proof of this.
There is a SSDI record 004-22-2423 for Helen Steward b 10Jun1905 d Nov1975 Waterville.
Still would like to see proof of marriage
Maine Marriage Index 1Oct1926 Helen M. Libby of Mars Hill and Nathan B. Steward of Wilton 
Libby, Helen M. (I2675)
463 1920 census not clear; Thomas and Homer could be the same person. Listed as age 1 3/12, thus birth date abt Oct1918.

at time of death married to Nancy per CT death index 
Lincoln, Homer Maxim (I5299)
464 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5289)
465 1920 census shows Flora Atwood, age 24, also in household. The only Atwood female I know of with a matching birth date is Abby Vesta Atwood.

1870 census shows Asa B. with wife Sarah (age 25) and daughter Alice (age 13) and son Artemus (2m) living in Saint Helena, Napa, California. Second marriage? Emily died?

1900 census Napa, wife Rebecka (married 1885), son Artmas (age 19) Named after Asa’s brother?

Plot: Lot 24 Block 2 
Atwood, Asa Bonaparte (I1414)
466 1920 census, Mars Hill, Maine shows Laura M., age 43, born in Canada. Also shows two additional children living with family. Leo age 13 and Oakley A. age 12, both born in Washington. These may be Laura's children from her first marriage.

maiden name Orser? 
Wallace, Laura D. (I2671)
467 1920 passport: Source Citation: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA); Washington D.C.; U.S. Passport Applications, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Philippines, 1907-1925; Collection Number: ARC Identifier 1244181 / MLR Number A1 542; Box #: 4291; Volume #: 49.

1920 A passport: Source Citation: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA); Washington D.C.; Passport Applications, January 2, 1906 - March 31, 1925; Collection Number: ARC Identifier 583830 / MLR Number A1 534; NARA Series: M1490; Roll #: 1307.

DR: Source Citation: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA); Washington, D.C.; General Records of the Department of State; Record Group: RG59-Entry 205; Box Number: 1440; Box Description: 1930-1939 India A - C.

Lived in the Philippine Islands 1901-1920. Returned to Georgetown, Mass. temporarillty in 1920. Returned to Philippines later that year. Died in India 1939.

Worked for Singer Sewing Machine Company

>>> mother was Julia C., not Abigail Berry 
Atwood, Carroll Eugene (I1925)
468 1920 passport: Source Citation: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA); Washington D.C.; U.S. Passport Applications, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Philippines, 1907-1925; Collection Number: ARC Identifier 1244181 / MLR Number A1 542; Box #: 4291; Volume #: 49.

2nd married Stanleigh Farnham Thirsk, 7 Dec 1945, Washington DC 
Ayrer, Marion Frances (I1927)
469 1920 street name uncertain. Near Center Street and Coburn Street. Probably not the current Davis Street

Packard, Henry Elden (I2556)
470 1920: also in household are children Albert, Henry, Levi, Anna, Arthur (from Emelie’s previous marriage) , Jeanette, Bernadette, Rita, and Mary. Some or all possibly from Emelie’s first marriage?

1930: also in household are daughters Jeanette, 19, and Irene, ?25?, possibly from Emelie’s first marriage. Note neighbors named Gerouard.

Wives Osite and Emelie (and daughter Rita) are buried together in Fitchburg, but James in not buried there, as far as I can tell. Possibly buried elsewhere with an unknown third wife?

born New Brunswick per son Joseph’s BR 
Daigle, James (I5897)
471 1920: also in household are Effie’s parents Moses J. and Ava A.
1930: Ava A. Perkins (Effie’s mother) living next door

presumably worked for the Cambidge Piano Company (see 1910 census)

Cremations section of cemetery 
Howlett, William Calvin (I5462)
472 1920: also in household are Ina Porter, age 21, lodger, and Harry Clark, age 30,lodger

190 census lists date of birth as 13Apr1881

Obituary states lived in Lewiston for thirty five years.

WWI draft form gives name as George Ernest Sypher, and notes that he is not a US citizen

Syphers on several Maine records 
Sypher, Ernest George (I2564)
473 1920: also in household are son Charles T. Jr , 10; father Howard H. (should be A.), 73; servants Bertha heironymous and Maggie Prondford

1930: also in household are wife Josephine A., 45; son Charels T. Jr,. 20; son walter T., 8, and servant Evelyn A. Redden

Aug. 1920 passport application indicates that he and his wife sailed to Europe on the Aquitania.

This further suggests that they married bewteen the January 1920 cencus and the August trip. 
Chase, Charles Thomas (I4223)
474 1920: also in household are three daughters (presumably from first marriage), Florence, Grace, and O. Isabel. Berry, Charles Hazelton (I4852)
475 1920: also in household is daughter Marjorie, age 3 months

1940: also in household: Marjorie, Lois, Malcom Jr 
Howland, Malcolm Gregory (I2446)
476 1920: also in household is father Samuel, age 74 Ricker, Ruel Samuel (I6184)
477 1920: also in household is father-in-law John Cyr, age 67, widowed Giroaud, Jaddus (I6236)
478 1920: also in household is stepson Elmer Jordan, 1ge 16, and mother-in-law Mary Hall, age 79.

Lised in both turner and Leiston censuses for 1900 
Hobbs, Jesse Percival (I3987)
479 1920: also in household is stepson Lionel, age 20.

Plot: D-13 (WPA Section B lot 116) 
Buck, Wilbur Lee (I5212)
480 1920: also in houshold is granddaughter Marguerite Tyrell, age 12 Burt, Willard S. (I6123)
481 1920: census lists as married, but no wife or other family listed. Wife living in Auburn. Wallingford, John (I944)
482 1920: Census may list father as “Lowerence”. Mother listed as “Beatrice”

Headstone request form says ship to Cora V. Daley. New wife? Other Ancestry users suggest Cora Virginia Waterman, maried 1945. Mine Marriage Index suports. 
Daley, Arthur Jeremiah (I4142)
483 1920: living in C. Arthur Briggs houehold with her mother, Florinda T. Adams. Listed as no relation to C. Arthur. Her mother is listed as a servant.

possibly married Robert A. Croswell 21Feb1933; lived in Farmington; children Virginia and Glendon. Buried Farmington. d 1959 
Adams, Bernice Emily (I5211)
484 1920: Living with John and Lizzie Atwood and listed as brother. Atwood, Benjamin Jordan (I1513)
485 1920: Widowed and living with daughters Florence, Wilma, Helen and Helen's husband, John Mackay. Listed as Myrtle Johnson. Perkins, Myrtella Atwood (I74)
486 1922 passport application might say 1867 Fowler, Dr. Rev. Arthur Thomas Ph. D., D. D. (I3379)
487 1923 - Saint John City Directory lists Harold B. employed by S. Hayward and Co. Living at 16 Cedar Street.

Middle name Berton per BR 
Flower, Harold Burton (I3444)
488 1923 - Saint John City Directory lists Murray as clerk C. P. R. Office. Living at 16 Cedar Street. Flower, Murray Freeman (I3445)
489 1923 - Saint John Directory list a Charles W. Griffith at 269 Guilford, w e as an electrician. Griffith, Charles Wesley (I2627)
490 1923 - Saint John Directory list an Ernest Chapman at 25 Murray as a chauffeur.

DR lists b. 10Sep1881, parents Densmore Chapman and Sophis Hicks.
PANB has a “Brenan's Funeral Home Records, Saint John” record for Ernest Oldfield Chapman that agrees with this.

But, I have parents William Henry Chapman and Philippa Libby. I have birth date taken DR.
MR hard to read but may list parents as Dexter and Sophie.

So I probably havee the wrong person. He may not be a relative at all. 
Chapman, Ernest Oldfield (I2499)
491 1930 - also in household is brother Patrick Gagnon, age 17.

1940: alao in household is mother Edith, age 74

draft card lists home as Soldier Pond, which is a village/neighborhood within Wallagrass. 
Gagnon, Joseph E. B. (I3269)
492 1930 - Census lists divorced and working in library.

Gravestone lists Emily Minerva Atwood. 
Atwood, Minerva Emily (I745)
493 1930 - Family name spelled Mackenzie MacKinzie, Thomas Jr. (I5293)
494 1930 - Fred (N.) was still single at age forty four and living with his parents.  Atwood, Fred Nelson (I1483)
495 1930 - Inmate at Colorado State Hospital for Insane. Pueblo, Pueblo County, Colorado

Listed in Family Data Collection as Sidney Harcourt Johnson.

Family Data lists death as December 18, 1942 in Denver.

Ancestry World Tree lists Salome Margaret Cunningham born about 1915 as mother of Sidney Judith Johnson. Married in Granger, Iowa. 
Johnson, Sidney Hascom (I650)
496 1930 - Listed in census as Lewis N. Brett.

"Aunt Lou"

Lived in Lewiston and Auburn, Maine for fifty years coming in 1893. 
Akerley, Louise M. (I2326)
497 1930 - Listed in census as married but head of household with children. Nightingale, Rebecca G. (I2754)
498 1930 - Living in rectory as husband was a minister. See census form. Atwood, Effie May (I734)
499 1930 - Living with brother, Ralph and his family in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.
1930 - Single

middile innital M. per Cole 
Morrill, Alice N. (I4207)
500 1930 - Living with daughter, Alice M. and her family in Auburn, Maine.

perviously had d 19 Feb 1957 
Mower, Anna Maria (I4863)

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