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51 "Bert" (Margaret Johnson's father)

1921: also in household are mother- and father-in-law John and Margaret Smith 
Osborne, Albert Freeman (I2614)
52 "Uncle Howard"
We remember his 1939 Buick Coupe Convertible with the rumble seat in the back and later his 1949 Buick. Both always shining.

As a young man he worked in the coal mines in Canada.

Maine Marriages list Howard Ekerley & Courtney Baker married 6/3/1917. Marriage performed at 8 o'clock Sunday morning by Rev. J. True Crosby followed by a wedding breakfast.

Trolley car operator and later a bus driver in the Lewiston area retiring in 1958. 
Akerley, James Howard (I2167)
53 #322 Family F2541
54 (Minot) Family F31
55 (MOORE in Charlton vital records)

Revolutionary War: John Mower served in the Rhode Island campaign, stationed at Tiverton RI. He enlisted at Charlton MA in Capt. Samuel Lamb’s Co., Col. Nathaniel Wade’s Regiment, 29Apr1778

See History of Androscoggin County by Georgia Drew Merrill, chapter 28, p 513 
Mower, John (I4354)
56 0y 2m 6d Gilmore, Laura Ann (I5651)
57 0y 5m 6d Cowan, Francis A. (I6166)
58 0y 8m 24d Cowan, Blanche Margaret (I6165)
59 1 Apr 1778 - Private in Capt Preble's Co.-Col. J. Gerrish's Reg.

Mass State Troops-Member 3rd Militia in Kittery 
Hill, Elinor (I629)
60 1 North ?Parkman? street Cowan, Howard Gilmore (I5803)
61 1 North ?Parkman? street Gilmore, Clara Ella (I5834)
62 1 North ?Parkman? street Cowan, Bertha Evelyn (I5849)
63 1 North ?Parkman? street Cowan, Olive M. (I5850)
64 1 North ?Parkman? street Cowan, Cyrus Norman (I5833)
65 1 yr 6 mo 5 d Chase, Amanda (I6087)
66 10 days Akerley, Gard Colon (I2320)
67 10 Dec 1824 - Married Joanna Bonney, Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Desendant of Elizabeth Hodgkins born about 1617. Is this Elizabeth Hodgkins born 1618.

1880 census lists Galen Willis 2nd nearby, probably son.

1860 census: lists married to Joanna, age 55, and Galen, age 17, assumed son. 
Willis, Galen (I1431)
68 10 Jan 1927 New Brunswick Archives Marriage Records 1776 F19691 Family F1660
69 10 months Parker, John L. (I5679)
70 10/19 Mansfield, Cora Luetta (I1447)
71 107-26-4626 issued in New York shows date of birth June 29, 1893 Hayes, Mabel (I2656)
72 10th child; listed as Nancy P. Batchelder, Nancy Maria (I5858)
73 10y 5m 4d Chase, Eunice (I3697)
74 117103553_137927350823.jpg Donnell, Alice Mabel (I5449)
75 11Jun1766 - He obtained the grant of lot of land No. 17 in the Pond town plantation (Winthrop).

Resided in Winthrop, Maine.

He was the first inn-keeper in Winthrop, and for several years the town meetings, beginning with that of organization, were held in his home. 
Bishop, Squire (I4830)
76 11m Atwood, Hannah R. (I5765)
77 11y 10m 2d Rackley, Verna Merrilla (I5137)
78 12496 Hwy 15 or James Monroe Hwy?Lucketts, Virginia
near intersection with Sweetspring Lane
From, Lucketts, go 3 miles north on US Highway 15, the cemetery is on the right side of the road next to the church. 
Emmons, Charles Briggs Jr. (I196)
79 12Sep1885 - John Gowell sold three acres for $175 to Clarence Atwood per Androscoggin County Record Book 118, page 353. Atwood, Clarence I. (I102)
80 13 children: William, Caroline, James, Charles, Julia, Silas, Betsey, Alvin, Jospehine, Clarinda, Everett, Wallace, and Daniel Lindsey, Daniel (I6090)
81 13 Jul 1894 Their marriage certificate in file. New Brunswick Archives
20 Dec 1883 Marriage was registered per New Brunswick Archives. 
Family F774
82 13y11m24d Cowan, Laura Mildred (I5852)
83 13y7m14d - scarlet fever Rackley, Burton E. (I5136)
84 15 Apr 1859 - Charles purchased half interest for $800 in land and buildings from Ebenezer D. Hodgkins formerly owned by Nathan Haskell and previously by Jacob Stevens. Androscoggin County Record Book 24, page 204.

20 Sep 1860 - Charles, Ebenezer and Justin Hodgkins purchased a farm previously owned by Thomas B. Little situated in Auburn near the Village at Lewiston Falls known as the Merrill Farm. 140 acres plus or minus. Book 26, page 387.

23 May 1863 - Charles sold half interest in property purchased in Book 24, page 204 back to Ebenezer Hodgkins for $400. Recorded in Book 32, page 429.

Need confirmation that the person listed in the 1850 census is him. Alternate source of parents’ names?

1860 census: Charles and Lura living at E. D Hodgkins farm he is listed as farm laborer. 
Wills, Charles Harry (I577)
85 150 Forest Street
Sprague, Ralph (I4567)
86 156 F16248 Family F2295
87 15Dec1887: married Malvina A. Weare Howlett, Clarence Mower (I5465)
88 15y10m per gravestone Hodgkins, Elmira Bailey (I852)
89 16y Atwood, George A. (I818)
90 175x record damaged Longley, Anna (I6071)
91 1775 per Durgin book Durgin, Benjamin Cotton (I601)
92 1790 census: 1M>16 (Ebenezer), 2M<16 (Ebenezer, ???), 1F (Elizabeth) Hodgkins, Ebenezer (I849)
93 1790 census: 1M>16 (James Jr.), 2M<16(Wilks, James), 4F (Deborah, Mary, Patty, Sarah). Assumed names as noted.

1800: James Hodgkins, Jr. listed in Poland, Cumberland County, Maine
but also
<10, <16, <26, <45, 45+
1800, Glouscester, MA James Hodgkins (2 1 1 1 0; 0 0 1 0 1);
and Samuel P. Hodgkins households (2 1 2 0 1; 1 0 1 0 1). 
Hodgkins, James Jr. (I865)
94 1790 census: 1M>16 (Joseph), 1m<16 (Joseph (son)), 1F (Emma), assumed names as noted. Hodgkins, Joseph (I866)
95 1790 census: 1M>16, 1F, total 2 in household. Assume this is James Sr. and Mary.

1810: 2M<10 (grandchildren?), 1M>45 (James), 1F<10 (grandchildren?), 1F>45 (Mary) 
Hodgkins, James Sr. (I859)
96 1793 - Charter member of Baptist church.

1814 - Moved to Vincennes, Indiana

Drowned in the Wabash river while attempting to cross with a single wagon. 
Parker, Benjamin (I5163)
97 17y 10m Hodgkins, Clarissa E. (I845)
98 17y 2m 15d Mower, Edith Ina (I2006)
99 17y3m3d Paine, Elvie Bernice (I1240)
100 1810 census:
On census form, this line is labelled “Solomon Atwood, Jun.” which disagrees with the naming I have used. However, in 1810, the Solomon b1776 would have been the second oldest living by that name , and so appropriately called “Junior”.
1 M<10
1 M16-25
1M26-44 - Solomon, b1810 (age 34)
1F26-44 - Abigail, b1783 (age 27) records also contain a partial marriage record for Solomon Atwood III of New Gloucester and Olive Burgess of Boston, no date given.

found birth record for at least one son, also called Solomon, b5Apr1811
also daughter Sarah b1809
son Harrison b1807
daughter Adaline b 1815 
Atwood, Solomon (I1977)

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