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6401 Social Security shows date of death as September 1958. McDonald, James Matthew (I228)
6402 Social Security shows last address  Chapman, Clayton C. (I2721)
6403 SocSec Bishop, George Turner (I4857)
6404 soem records show name as Clayton Gilbert, Leighton Charles (I4161)
6405 soldier, US army, per census Hobbs, Harry Augustus (I3683)
6406 SOme confusion over parents.
Probably Judson Chapman and Ferne Elizabeth Everett, hence the E.middle initial

but I also have him as the son of Stanley S. Chapman and Hattie B. Doak (the older Judson and Stanley were cousins) 
Chapman, Judson E. (I2726)
6407 some records give middle initial T.

1930: also in household is son John, age 9.
1940: also in household is son John, age 19. 
Campbell, John F. (I1746)
6408 Some records list Jean Arras married to James Atwood.

Some records give last name as Irish.

1850 census shows Eunice Bickford, age 68 living with Joanna and her daughter, Lucinda and husband, Benjamin Cotton Durgin. Assume this is Eunice Jordan Arris, who must have married (and been widowed by?) a man named Bickford

1850 Census shows a Joanna Atwood age 64 living in B. C. Durgin household. Also in household is Eunice Bickford age 68. Census page shows a younger Bickford couple living nearby. 
Arris, Joanna (I606)
6409 some records say Abigail Patch Choate - previous marriage?

see The Choates in America, 1643-1896, John Choat and his descendants, Chebacco, Ipswich, Massachusetts
p. 103 
Patch, Abigail (I6008)
6410 some records say Flara, but headstone is clearly Flora Lacroix, Flora L. (I4908)
6411 some records say Porter Lemuel

Name on marriage license Lemuel Porter Flower. Farmer and a Baptist at time of marriage.

Witnessed by G. C. Crandall and Frank Davis both of Chipman.

Listed as Porter Flowers in 1881 Canada census and as Poste Flowers in 1911. 
Flower, Lemuel Porter (I3422)
6412 Some records show Annie born in Lisbon Falls, Maine.

Also listed as Annie Hyer at time of marriage.

1930 census indicates last name was Hyer, since Francis E. Hyer, age 18, and Alton L. Hyer, age 12, are listed in household as step-sons of William Hehny Hobbs 
Dunham, Annie (I3731)
6413 some records show Everett Richard

Enlistment Date 1:
13 Sep 1943
Release Date 1:
12 Jan 1946 
Drummond, Richard Everett (I695)
6414 Some records show name as Abby Jane Richardson. Brown, Abbie J. (I1311)
6415 some records spell last name Poole. Pool, Sarah Page (I5797)
6416 Sometime place of birth is shown as Maine.

possible aka Frank B. Philbrick 
Philbrick, Benjamin Franklin (I4167)
6417 son Donald Family F2339
6418 Son Frederick submitted a Sons of the American Revolution application in 1969 that lists his mother’s bith date and place, and also says he was living in Oklahoma. This agrees with the Social Secuity record of his mother’s death date, and may explain why she died in Oklahoma Macomber, Elizabeth Helen (I722)
6419 sons Arthur H. b 1902, Cyrus E. b. 1903 Family F483
6420 Sons of the American Revolution application dated Feb1900 indicates he lived until at least then, and was living in Lacrosse County, Wisconsin, or Ashland , WI

1950: same house as father John and mother Priscilla. Also in household is wife Martha B. age. 26 and daughter Chloe age 1. 
Ellis, Edwin (I5997)
6421 Sophilia on 1880 census

possible duagter of Luther Burgess ID 20, or sister of first wife Dorcas? 
Burgess, Sophila A. (I5785)
6422 Source Citation: Year: 1923; Microfilm serial: T715; Microfilm roll: T715_3246; Line: 18; .
Source Information: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2006. Original data:
• Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 1820-1897; (National Archives Microfilm Publication M237, 675 rolls); Records of the U.S. Customs Service, Record Group 36; National Archives, Washington, D.C.
• Passenger and Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 1897-1957; (National Archives Microfilm Publication T715, 8892 rolls); Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service; National Archives, Washington, D.C. 
Hetzel, Katherina (I1652)
6423 source of BR data is “Cousin, Wallace E. Cummings, Aug. 26, 1929”. Why was a record made on this late date, and who is Wallace?

1920: living with aunt Annie Downing, age 73, widowed. This may be Annie E. Jackson, ID# 1914.

Bertha A Howe (1874 - 1939) - Find A Grave Memorial 
Bishop, Bertha Alma (I4807)
6424 south from Troy Corner Hale, Ralph William (I3227)
6425 SP3 US Navy-World War II Leavitt, Arch Dean (I4024)
6426 Spar (?) Road Atwood, Horace Stanley (I1515)
6427 Spar (?) Road Moore, Clara Louise (I1516)
6428 Spar (?) Road Atwood, Stanley N. (I1520)
6429 spelled Arias Arras, Patrick Jordan (I1991)
6430 spelled Carlyle Lincoln, Carlisle Austin (I5285)
6431 spelled “Marcia” in 1940 census Cowan, Marsha (I5810)
6432 spelling appears to be Leeroy, not Leroy

per headstone married to Mary Louise, b1920-d1980

CT death index says spouse name “Loui” 
Chapman, Leeroy Ira (I3589)
6433 Spinal meningitis Akerley, Ruby May (I2175)
6434 SS - month & year Atwood, Kimball Chase Jr. (I1389)
6435 SS Death Index says d 15 Sep 1919 Chapman, Donald Charles (I3239)
6436 SS does not provide day Burtchell, Mable Alice (I2664)
6437 SS gives only month, year Libby, Charles E. (I2655)
6438 SS last residence North Bergen, NJ Thayer, Verna Priscilla (I331)
6439 SS lists Carroll, NH Chapman, Ruby P. (I2694)
6440 SS says 25May1887 Moody, Edith Evelyn (I5050)
6441 SS says Winthrop Moulton, William Thomas (I747)
6442 SS suggests multiple marriages:
Lois Mary Groves
[Lois Mary Oswalt] 
[Lois Palmer] 
[Lois Mary Eccles]  
Eccles, Lois Mary (I149)
6443 SSDI and California DI indicate married name Radovich Brenk, Barbara (I698)
6444 SSDI for month and year only Briggs, Julia Adelaide (I5145)
6445 SSDI lists birth data as 2May1910

possible obit per FaG:

Julia B. Whitten, 84, of State Rte. 104 West, Fruit Valley, died Saturday, May 28, at Oswego Hospital. She was born in Lewiston, Maine, and was a graduate of Leweston schools and Bates College, Class of 1932 Mrs. Whitten taught at Kents Hill School in Maine for four years. She had lived in Oswego since 1948. She taught English at Hannibal Central Schools from 1955 to 1965. She was a member of West Baptist Church, Oswego, the PEO Sisterhood, the Winter club, and the Oswego Hospital Auxiliary Mrs. Whitten was a former member of the American Association of University Women and the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. She served on the board of the Ladies'Home,
Oswego. Mrs. Whitten was an avid gardener, Her husband, Norman E. Whitten, a professor of anthropology at the State University College at Oswego, died in 1986. Surviving are her son, a sister, several nieces and nephews; and several grandnieces and grandnephews. Burial was in Rural Cemetery, Oswego

June 2 1994 Oswego Valley News 
Briggs, Julia Adelaide (I5145)
6446 SSDI says 13Oct1883 Whittier, Clara Augusta (I6106)
6447 SSDI says 29Jun1893 Hayes, Mabel (I2656)
6448 SSDI says d Apr1985 Ricker, Eleanor Gertrude (I2200)
6449 SSGT US Air Force Millett, Gordon Elroy (I3822)
6450 SSN application suggests died after Aug1938

Mason membership card says b 12Sep1870 
Howlett, Charles Albert Skinner (I5468)

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