genealogy of the reed and hodgkins families
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6401 “Old Squire Loring”

“of Turner” at time of marriage 
Loring, John (I5949)
6402 “outlying district” Briggs, Raymond Levi (I336)
6403 “outlying district” Briggs, Winifred A. (I158)
6404 “outlying district” Richmond, Bessie L. (I651)
6405 “outlying district” Briggs, Charles Atwood (I1312)
6406 “Sesquicentennial” says b May1786, d1808; lived in Leeds Mower, Elizabeth (I4366)
6407 “Sesquicentennial” says he is buried in New Orleans. Rackley, Isaac Green (I5121)
6408 “Sesquicentennial” suggests married 1888

probably divorced before 1Apr1935; see 1940 census 
Family F3196
6409 “Seven Generations” says she was the daughter of Rhoda Elliott, not Jemima Haskell Chase, Eunice (I3754)
6410 “Seviah Maxim” Family F4128
6411 “Simeon” on some records

birth index lists father’s name Marcus; name also appears on later census 
Richardson, Simon Hill (I4966)
6412 “So called Blake Road” Thayer, Mandeville L. (I22)
6413 “So called Blake Road” Durgin, Annie Ardelle (I1326)
6414 “Syntha” on gravestone NEED GPS Mower, Cynthia (I4374)
6415 “the old graveyard at Berkely” Atwood, Lieut. Abial (I679)
6416 “widow of Amos” Orcutt???, Lucy W. (I1329)

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