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6401 see 1900 census. Apparently she remarried to a man named White. Burgess, Dorcas (I83)
6402 see 1930 census: Bessie was married to Erwin Fuller, and they had a son Raymond. Gilmore, Bessie Mae (I5409)
6403 see also Jane Turner ID1146

born Bridgewater, Mass. per Elizabeth’s birth record

see Sons of the American Revolution Cemetery Database

per BR, Amos is his parents’ 7th child. I think he is the 5th. Perhaps two stillborn?

History of Leeds says d15Mar1857

Phebe’s BR says Jane is “doubtless daughter of George Turner and Jane Lindsay”, of Bridgewater, MA 
Turner, Jane (I4421)
6404 See also Jane Turner ID4421

MR indicates she was born in Littleborough Plantation (Leeds was incorporated in 1801 from Littleborough Plantation)

Possibly buried at Lisbon Cemetery, Ferry Road, Lisbon ME 
Turner, Jane (I1146)
6405 see also:
Maine, Marriages, 1892-1996 about Margaret A Basley
Margaret A Basley

Newton, MA
Spouse's Name:
Willis C Merriman Jr
Spouse's Gender:
Spouse's Residence:
Freeport, ME
Marriage Date:
4 Jun 1938
Marriage Place:
Maine, USA 
Family F1646
6406 see ancestry use jhathorne1 of Lyman, Maine Corey, Fred Llewellyn (I2447)
6407 see auburn census, 1900, Almon B. and Ana M. Donnell. Lydia Mower, age 94, listd as mother-in-law. ED 6 sh 7A Mower, Lydia (I5595)
6408 see census Family F3817
6409 see Cole’s History of Buckfield p 658 Philbrick, Lucian (I3693)
6410 see Descendants of Capt. Hugh Mason in America for possible confirmation of marriage

1880: also in hoousehold are Isaiah, age 19, son, an Carrie, age 13, daughter 
Whiting, Luther (I1617)
6411 See Gloucester 1640-1728

see MR_samuel_hodgkins_mary_stockbridge 
Family F114
6412 see Hisotry of Greene, p297
FaG says married Mary Roberts
Ancestry has NH record of marriage to Mary L McQuade, 24Oct1906 
Mower, Fred Crossman (I5475)
6413 See History of Bridgewater p. 171 Harris, Arthur (I3850)
6414 See History of Bridgewtaer p. 87. Parents likely Samuel Alden and Abiah Edson Alden, Abiah (I3978)
6415 See History of Buckfield Chase, Daniel Bond Esq. (I3745)
6416 see History of Buckfield, p561

living at Lynn MA at time of marriage 
Emerson, Emma F. (I4114)
6417 see History of Buckfield, p561 Bradbury, Abbie L. (I4215)
6418 see for burial database

DR says she was buried at Union Cemetery, but is not listed in town database

Middle intial might be L. 
Clark, Marion D. (I5395)
6419 see or book “Descendants of Capt. Hugh Mason in America” Mason, Capt. Hugh (I2096)
6420 see Chase, Gaius Allen (I4031)
6421 see
Lot- 668CG 
Hasey, John Ham (I4973)
6422 see Simpson, Willard Eastman (I5479)
6423 See James Lowell Atwood. Arras, Patrick Jordan (I1991)
6424 see Lugene’s DR. Apparently George became a doctor, and signed his step-mother’s DR

married Edith M. Hodgdon, 30Oct1883, Boothbay. Marriage performed by his father (assumed), according to MR

1920: also in household is wife Edith M.. age 57 
Atwood, George M. (I701)
6425 See Luther Whiting notes re: 1830 census.

1850 - Hartford, Oxford, Maine Census shows Adaline and her two brothers and mother all born in Mississippi. Believe this page is an error.

Two stones next to Eliza Ann Morrill marked only “Mother” and “Father” may be Ephraim Atwood and Adaline Whiting. 
Whiting, Adaline (I106)
6426 See marriage record for names of hildren Lufkin, Zebulon (I1863)
6427 see mother’s obit Randall, Betty (I2857)
6428 See Mower book p. 75

Married Flavilla Ellis Bailey. His brother Melvin was living with her in 1910, following Horace’s death 
Mower, Horace Burton (I5429)
6429 see Mower Family History and Mower, Marshall (I4360)
6430 see Mower Family History, A Genealogical Record of the Maine Branch of this Family, Url: 

Curtis, Charity (I4937)
6431 see MR Root, Fred Linwood (I5135)
6432 see notes Blake, Ada Alice (I165)
6433 see notes Welton, Emilly Grace (I421)
6434 see notes Mansfield, William Augustus (I1450)
6435 see notes Millett, Foster Maxwell (I1532)
6436 see notes Haskell, William (I1567)
6437 see notes Woodman, Helen E. M. (I1631)
6438 see notes Berry, Zeri Augustine (I1897)
6439 see notes Johnson, Iva Leah (I2462)
6440 see notes Libby, Beverly Mae (I2744)
6441 see notes Churchill, Rosemond W. (I3946)
6442 see notes Bishop, Mary Hale (I4811)
6443 see notes True, Julia (I4828)
6444 see notes Longley, William Willis (I4979)
6445 see notes Hodgkins, Carlton Moore (I5061)
6446 see notes Foss, Charles S. (I5206)
6447 see notes Parker, Harland Newton (I5223)
6448 see notes Eastman, Lizzie (I5427)
6449 see notes Hodgkins, Julia L. (I5695)
6450 see notes Gilmore, Herbert Bryant (I5861)

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