genealogy of the reed and hodgkins families
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Matches 7,101 to 7,150 of 7,391

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7101 United States Army Libby, Lawrence Bailey (I2745)
7102 United States Army Libby, Wendell G. (I2780)
7103 United States Army Gowell, Ray Irving (I1089)
7104 United States Army Jenkins, John Lewis (I3823)
7105 United States Army Air Corps, WWII Gowell, Earl Bryant (I1088)
7106 United States Army during Korean Conflict. Hodgkins, Duane Atwood (I4)
7107 United States Army during Korean Conflict. Roger served in Austria. Sturtevant, Roger Carl (I10)
7108 United States Army World War II Gowell, Edward Dexter (I1068)
7109 United States Army, WWI Libby, Lloyd Elmer (I2657)
7110 United States Army-World War II serving in India for twenty-seven months. Akerley, Russell Howard (I1258)
7111 United States Marine Corps in World War II, mostly in the South Pacific Theatre. Libbey, Albert Dudley (I61)
7112 United States Marines Corey, Robert Owen (I2184)
7113 United States Navy Bowles, John R. (I322)
7114 United States Navy in World War II. Duckworth, Glynden Albert (I64)
7115 United States Navy in World War II. Briggs, Clayton Eugene (I245)
7116 United States Navy Sea Bees Boynton, Robert Henry (I2876)
7117 Unknown whether the photo is of Edith or her mother Emma. Photo is marked “E C Rackley” Rackley, Edith (I5128)
7118 Unknown whether the photo is of Emma or her daughter Edith. Photo is marked “E C Rackley” Cooper, Emma F. (I5127)
7119 unlikely since age listed as 62 Chapman, Frances Aurelia (I2325)
7120 unmarried as of passport application 14Nov1923

Note: No marker.
Forest Lawn Cemetery
Saginaw County
Michigan, USA
Plot: Section 8, Lot 373 
Mower, Ristori Haynes (I5329)
7121 Unmarried at age fifty one and living with parents Atwood, Brittania A. (I2)
7122 unsure. age 16 Family F4073
7123 Upper Street Cemetery
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 44.22890, Longitude: -70.22890 
Gilbert, Lauren H. Sr. (I4156)
7124 US Army Damon, Paul William (I1901)
7125 US Army Whiting, George Lester (I1704)
7126 US Army - enlist McLaughlin, Edward J. (I5954)
7127 US Army - release McLaughlin, Edward J. (I5954)
7128 US ARMY enlist Stockes, George Franklin II (I299)
7129 US Army enlist Eland, Gene D. (I565)
7130 US Army enlist Atwood, Stanley N. (I1520)
7131 US Army enlist Colby, Richard Dewey (I1745)
7132 US Army enlist Damon, Robert Earle (I1902)
7133 US Army enlist Chapman, Warren Gannett (I3208)
7134 US Army enlist Flewelling, Lieut. Ellsworth K. (I4140)
7135 US Army enlist Parker, Harlan Newton (I5223)
7136 US Army release Eland, Gene D. (I565)
7137 US Army release Colby, Richard Dewey (I1745)
7138 US Army release Chapman, Warren Gannett (I3208)
7139 US Army release Damon, Robert Earle (I1902)
7140 US Army release Atwood, Stanley N. (I1520)
7141 US Army release Parker, Harlan Newton (I5223)
7142 US Army release Stockes, George Franklin II (I299)
7143 US ARMY WORLD WAR II Park, Robert Gordon Jr. (I1543)
7144 US Army WW2
1st/Lt. Radcliffe S. Simpson KIA
82nd airborne, 319th Glider Field Artillery Battalion
Died in Normandy, France D+1 
Simpson, Radcliffe Spencer (I5500)
7145 US ARMY WWII Godfrey, David L. (I5283)
7146 US Army, WWII Libby, Russell Kenneth (I2740)
7147 US Navy Lail, Larry Arnette (I310)
7148 US Navy Christie, Thomas W. (I1107)
7149 US Navy Howard, Albert E. (I3847)
7150 US Navy - enlist Lincoln, Bruce Fletcher (I5295)

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