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7201 Bishop, Clara L. (I4889)
7202 ‘Bella’ per BR

possible 2nd marriage:
Name of Groom:
Groom's Place of Residence:
Poland, Me.
Name of Bride:
Possible Alternate Name of Bride:
Lois BERRY [View alternate record]
Bride's Place of Residence:
Poland, Me.
Marriage Date:
Wednesday, 26 Apr. 1939
Marriage Certificate Number:
Not available 
Yeaton, Lois Eva Bell (I1891)
7203 ‘Dale’s great-grandfather’ - Dale & Pattyi of FindAGrave Mower, Frank Lester (I5672)
7204 ‘Dora’ on census form Flower, Ethel Madora (I2165)
7205 ‘Dora’ on census form Flower, Ethel Madora (I2165)
7206 ‘Elizabet E.’ on census form Akerley, Elizabeth Pearl (I2173)
7207 “aged 2* 20d” not clear if m or y Whiting, Mamie (I5676)
7208 “Alias Atwood” Wood, John (I985)
7209 “Brookville” per DR Harris, Carroll B. (I3945)
7210 “buried in the old graveyard at Berkley” along with her husband, per “Genealogical and Family History”

cemetery on Bayview Avenue, Berkley 
Babbitt, Hannah (I824)
7211 “Capt” on grave stone Collins, Newton True (I1462)
7212 “Descendants of John Whitman” says m 1Sep1883 Family F132
7213 “died as an infant” per Turner Burgess, Lizzie Jane (I5920)
7214 “Emma”, age 24 Townsend, Emilene (I6134)
7215 “Fred Atwood Reynolds” on death record and gravestone. Probably he was adopted by Maurice Reynolds.

Married to Carolyn Henson Reynolds at time of death

1920: listed as Fred A Lyon, step-son 
Lyon, Fred Atwood (I1399)
7216 “Georgie Gregg Bailey” per headstone, so presumably married at some point. Gregg, Georgia J. (I725)
7217 “in later years” Family F3256
7218 “infant”, 3 mo. Chase, Annie Arnold (I4225)
7219 “Irish or Buckfield Road going toward Turner Center” Mitchell, Rose E. (I3740)
7220 “Irish or Buckfield Road going toward Turner Center” Harris, William Ernest (I3982)
7221 “Jerre”, age listed as 38 Mower, Jera Wheelock (I4950)
7222 “Margueritta” on BR

Second wife of Arthur Smith, per FaG 
Parker, Marguerite Mary (I5222)
7223 “Mrs. Thomas Brown Jr.” per “Mower Genealogy” Brown, Thankful (I4929)
7224 “no family” per Sesquicentennial Family F3182
7225 “of Lynn, MA” according to Sinnett Merriam, Mary (I4627)
7226 “of Union in Connecticut” per MR Adams, David (I4938)
7227 “of Winthrop” Wing, Lura (I6161)
7228 “old cemetery” - presumably the one on Civic Center Drive
Nightingale, Doris Ola (I2733)
7229 “Old Squire Loring”

“of Turner” at time of marriage 
Loring, John (I5949)
7230 “outlying district” Briggs, Winifred A. (I158)
7231 “outlying district” Briggs, Raymond Levi (I336)
7232 “outlying district” Richmond, Bessie L. (I651)
7233 “outlying district” Briggs, Charles Atwood (I1312)
7234 “Sesquicentennial” says b May1786, d1808; lived in Leeds Mower, Elizabeth (I4366)
7235 “Sesquicentennial” says he is buried in New Orleans. Rackley, Isaac Green (I5121)
7236 “Sesquicentennial” suggests married 1888

probably divorced before 1Apr1935; see 1940 census 
Family F3196
7237 “Seven Generations” says she was the daughter of Rhoda Elliott, not Jemima Haskell Chase, Eunice (I3754)
7238 “Seviah Maxim” Family F4128
7239 “Simeon” on some records

birth index lists father’s name Marcus; name also appears on later census 
Richardson, Simon Hill (I4966)
7240 “So called Blake Road” Durgin, Annie Ardelle (I1326)
7241 “So called Blake Road” Thayer, Mandeville L. (I22)
7242 “Syntha” on gravestone NEED GPS Mower, Cynthia (I4374)
7243 “the old graveyard at Berkely” Atwood, Lieut. Abial (I679)
7244 “widow of Amos” Orcutt, Lucy M. (I1329)
7245 “Worcester Un, Massachusetts” Hunt, Ernest Leroy (I1678)

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