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7401 see “History of Buckfield”, p561 Chase, William D. (I3953)
7402 see “History of Peru” p 73 for more info Burgess, Betsey (I26)
7403 see “History of the Atwood Family In England and the United States” Atwood, Nicholas (I987)
7404 see “History of the des. Of John Whitman of Weymouth”

possibly 471 Alder Street, Stonewall J. Carter household. Census appear to show a neighborhood full of boarding houses, but it is not clear who owns/runs them.

possibly living in San Francisco about 1886 
Gowell, Guy Goodrich (I2016)
7405 see “History of the des. Of John Whitman of Weymouth” publised 1889, so only for older ancestors
Possible Andre & Julia & son Guy 
Whitman, Thomas (I2043)
7406 See “History of the Descendants of John Whitman of Weymouth, Mass.”, p194 Whitman, William (I1751)
7407 see “History of the descendants of John Whitman of Weymouth, Massachusetts”, p 219 Gowell, Rachel C. (I1427)
7408 see “History of the Descendants of John Whitman” Gowell, John (I113)
7409 See “Mower Family History” p 26 and 183. They had eight children, only one of whom (Jabez) is listed here. Jabez married SOphia Washburn. Their daughter Louisa married Anselm Parker. Family F3171
7410 see “Notes and Additions to the History of Gloucester” by John J Babson pg 38

aka Hobart? 
Haskell, Hubbard (I1565)
7411 see “Representative Women of New England” 
Sterling, Lovina Jane (I1357)
7412 see “The Bemis history and genealogy, being an account, in greater part of the descendants of Joseph Bemis, of Watertown, Mass.: by Draper, Thomas Waln-Morgan Bemis, Joseph (I4582)
7413 See “The Wheelock Family of Calais, Vermont” Smith, Relief W. (I4918)
7414 Seekins?
Seckins, Belle C. (I5766)
7415 Seems to have been in charge of the Monmouth Poor Farm in 1850.

1870 census of Leeds, Maine shows born in Greene, Maine. Spells family name as Rackly. 
Rackley, Jason (I4261)
7416 seen records of another child, Hannah, 4th, b 4Jun1803 Lindsey, Betsey (I4796)
7417 Selectman Mower, Josiah (I4281)
7418 Selectman. He was also a justice of the peace and member of the school board. Sprague, Virgil Horace (I4282)
7419 servant Chapman, Gladstone (I2500)
7420 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2190)
7421 Served as selectman for eight years, three as chairman

He bought out other heirs for homestead.

see also
Union Cemetery
Lincolnville Center
Waldo County
Maine, USA
- possibly markers in two places? Different person w/ same name and rank?

During Civil War enlisted in Company I, 23rd Maine Volunteers.
Served nine months and was made Corporal of his company. He enlisted again but got discharged because he was still under age. 
Bishop, Corp. George Turner (I4804)
7422 Served as town clerk for many years.

Gravestone shows Cyrus was a Mason.

Possible additional daughter Lilla b. 1881 (Plot: D-13 (WPA Section B lot 116)) 
Spaulding, Cyrus Cole (I1364)
7423 Served in Spanish American War. Emmons, John Alton (I338)
7424 Served in United States Army. Saul, Charles Kenneth (I308)
7425 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I313)
7426 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I759)
7427 Served in World War II French, Russell Arnold (I65)
7428 Served in World War II Emmons, Nathan Austin (I217)
7429 Served in World War II Johnson, Bernard Willard (I246)
7430 Served in World War II Emmons, Arthur Russell (I219)
7431 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1246)
7432 Served in World War II as an M. P. Plaster, William H. (I307)
7433 Served in World War II in the Air Force. Johnson, Frank Thomas (I143)
7434 Served in World War II in the Army. Downing, Roscoe Albert (I224)
7435 Served in World War II in the Navy. Goodwin, Charles Ralph (I153)
7436 Served in World War II with the Paratroops. Duckworth, Wendall Oscar (I264)
7437 Served in World War II, First Lieutenant in Navy. Goddard, Lewis Frelan (I254)
7438 Served in World War II, four years as a Sergeant in charge of Walkie Talkie Radio in Europe. Johnson, Paul Anthony Jr. (I150)
7439 Served six years in Coast Guard in World War II. Goddard, Carlyle Austin (I256)
7440 Served until February 14, 1919 with honorable discharge on demobilization. Mower, Charles Mason Jr. (I4290)
7441 Service # O1049153
Germany POW camp : Stalag 12a To 9b Limburg An Der Lahn Hessen Nassau Prussia 50 08 
Flewelling, Lieut. Ellsworth K. (I4140)
7442 Sesquicentennial p 464 says m. 4May1861 Family F3214
7443 Sesquicentennial, p 296, says:
He married Ida B. Holt, daughter of Samuel H. and Hannah HoIt, in 1833, who died at age 81; a singer and choir member many years. He died in 1935, age 83. Had Mildred. who married Harry G. Burnham and died Oct., 1937. and Frank.

However, this is not consistent with a birth data of 1852, or other records.

Plot: Clethra Path, Lot 4842 
Dallinger, Frank W. (I5472)
7444 Settled in Boston and then returned to Buckfield, Maine.
1870: also in household is Temperance Allen, age 86, “Chase” (F), age 75, and Cynthia Allen, age 18, schoolteacher 
Chase, Daniel Jr (I3776)
7445 Settled in Hebron, Maine.

Death date and cemetery from Rootsweb Buckfield, Maine cemeteries. 
Chase, Stephen Decatur (I3782)
7446 Settled in Leeds, Maine in the spring of 1783.

Moved with wife, Elizabeth to Monmouth, Maine in 1781-82 and built his cabin near Moody Stream in North Monmouth.

Suposedly water from mill dam backed almost to his door-step "they flowed me out as they would a musquash" and gathering his household effects he made a bee-line to the highest elevation in the Town of Leeds.

Per death record of son Jospeh, Zadock was a revolutionary war soldier. Also supported by gravestone.

“Zadock Bishop-- Born in Rehoboth, April 24, 1749. He died after
1840 and is buried at Leeds, have a gov't. stone. He served as
private in Capt. John Wood's co., Col. Paul Dudley Sargent's
Sprague's Journal of Maine History
Vol. 9
January, February, March, 1921
No. 1
pages 23-27 
Bishop, Zadock (I4745)
7447 Settled in New York. Chase, Charles G. (I3779)
7448 Settled in Standish, Maine

Cemetery at Dow Road & Cape Road, Standish

headstone says b 15Dec1758, d 12Nov1840 
Chase, Isaac (I3715)
7449 Several other children. Ancestors well documented Family F3994
7450 Sevila, age 18 Burgess, Sophila A. (I5785)

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