genealogy of the reed and hodgkins families
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Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts



Latitude: 42.6791832, Longitude: -70.8411558


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Giddings, Elizabeth  1666Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1574
2 Giddings, John  1639Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1575
3 Hodgkins, Christopher  Abt 1670Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1354
4 Hodgkins, Daniel  14 Oct 1690Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I364
5 Hodgkins, Edward  Abt 1663Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I362
6 Hodgkins, Joseph  Abt 1694Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I367
7 Hodgkins, Mary  6 Apr 1661Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1352
8 Hodgkins, Samuel  2 Nov 1658Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1108
9 Hodgkins, Sergt. Thomas  1668Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I393
10 Hodgkins, Thomas  1692Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I366
11 Hodgkins, William  1656Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I391
12 Hovey, Abigail  Abt 1670Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I396
13 Hunt, Abigail  30 Dec 1692Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1671
14 Jacobs, Sarah  26 Sep 1674Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I3725
15 Lord, James  27 Jan 1675/76Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1851
16 Potter, David  27 Mar 1685Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4626
17 Potter, Samuel  1657Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4628
18 Wilde, Elizabeth  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4313


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Davis, John  Jan 1679/80Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1822
2 Dutch, Grace  10 Oct 1694Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1113
3 Giddings, Elizabeth  15 Sep 1725Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1574
4 Giddings, George  1 Jun 1676Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1583
5 Giddings, John  3 Mar 1690/91Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1575
6 Haskell, Dorothy  7 Mar 1725Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1847
7 Haskell, Mary  11 Apr 1724Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1841
8 Hodgkins, Edward  16 Nov 1719Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I362
9 Hodgkins, Sergt. Thomas  16 Nov 1719Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I393
10 Hodgkins, Thomas  30 Dec 1778Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I366
11 Hodgkins, William Jr.  26 Dec 1693Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1112
12 Hodgkins, William  1706Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I391
13 Hovey, Abigail  28 Nov 1754Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I396
14 Hunt, Abigail  6 Apr 1737Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1671
15 Lawrence, Jane  2 Mar 1679/80Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1584
16 Potter, Samuel  1 Aug 1714Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4628


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Berrye / Hodgkins  17 Jan 1670Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F193
2 Giddings / Alcock  Abt 1662Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F555
3 Hodgkins / Dutch  1656Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F197
4 Hodgkins / Harris  27 Feb 1737Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F592
5 Hodgkins / Hovey  12 Dec 1689Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F253
6 Hodgkins / Hunt  20 Sep 1714Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F591
7 Lord / Haskell  1706Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F659
8 Mower / Wilde  6 Nov 1662Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F2950
9 Pool / Patch  23 Dec 1808Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F1248
10 Potter / Merriam  6 Jan 1709/10Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F3070