genealogy of the reed and hodgkins families
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Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts



Latitude: 42.466763000, Longitude: -70.949493800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blake, Ada Alice  28 Dec 1872Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I165
2 Breed, Sarah  6 Jul 1785Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5593
3 Bubier, Frances Margaret  5 Jun 1901Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I210
4 Bubier, Harry Mansfield  1 Jun 1873Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I208
5 Dow, Mertie May  Abt 1882Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I1894
6 Griffin, Ernest  26 Jul 1925Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I2906
7 Leroux, Irene Pinkham  Abt 1894Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4051
8 Lewis, Mary  Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4926
9 Longley, William Jr.  1640Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5244
10 Marshall, Joanna  14 Sep 1657Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4326
11 Mawhinney, Fred Perry  16 Mar 1919Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I980
12 Merriam, Joseph  1650Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5323
13 Merriam, Mary  1690Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4627
14 Merriam, William  Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4336
15 Mower, Abigail  26 Sep 1678Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4329
16 Mower, Amos Edwin  30 Aug 1810Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5597
17 Mower, Christian  5 Sep 1650Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4555
18 Mower, Ebenezer  11 Apr 1695Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4335
19 Mower, Ebenezer  1 Mar 1737Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5575
20 Mower, Elmina  29 Dec 1859Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5603
21 Mower, Ephraim  17 Jun 1681Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4330
22 Mower, Fred Lincoln  3 Nov 1897Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5605
23 Mower, Joanna  Jun 1676Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4327
24 Mower, Louisa  20 Jun 1807Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5596
25 Mower, Lydia  14 Jun 1804Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5595
26 Mower, Mary  15 Jan 1660/61Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4314
27 Mower, Nathan  1 Mar 1818Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5598
28 Mower, Rebecca  9 Nov 1677Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4328
29 Mower, Richard  22 May 1692Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4334
30 Mower, Richard  24 Dec 1718Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5570
31 Mower, Samuel II  26 Sep 1689Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4333
32 Mower, Samuel Carter  11 May 1823Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5599
33 Mower, Sarah  3 Jun 1682Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4331
34 Mower, Susanna  12 May 1650Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4554
35 Mower, Thomas  1 Aug 1684Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4332
36 Pierce, Bessie Ober  30 Jan 1867Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I1641
37 Skinner, Hattie Lincoln  1868Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5604


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ???, Alice  29 May 1661Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4312
2 Blake, Ada Alice  22 Jun 1901Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I165
3 Breed, Sarah  29 May 1871Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5593
4 Graves, Samuel  Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I1837
5 Griffin, Ernest  15 Jul 2009Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I2906
6 Jenkins, Sarah  1692Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5324
7 Joanna, Rebecca  23 Aug 1693Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4556
8 Littlefield, Mellen Ross  19 Aug 1902Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I2013
9 Marshall, Captain Thomas  23 Dec 1689Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4550
10 Merriam, Joseph  21 Oct 1702Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5323
11 Mower, Abigail  26 Feb 1710/11Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4329
12 Mower, Amos Edwin  4 Apr 1880Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5597
13 Mower, Joanna  Jun 1676Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4327
14 Mower, John  22 Oct 1694Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4316
15 Mower, Louisa  22 Oct 1894Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5596
16 Mower, Rebecca  1677Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4328
17 Mower, Richard  1 Jan 1668/69Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4279
18 Mower, Samuel  22 Nov 1694Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4278
19 Mower, Thomas  1730Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I4332
20 Pike, Joanna Hurd  8 Nov 1908Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5600


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Blake, Ada Alice  Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I165
2 Durgin, George Washington  Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I603


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Skinner, Hattie Lincoln  30 Jun 1870Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5604
2 Skinner, Hattie Lincoln  4 Jun 1880Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts I5604


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chase / Emerson  25 Dec 1879Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts F2697
2 Coates / Hodgkins  29 Dec 1682Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts F254
3 Merriam / Jenkins  19 Aug 1675Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts F3308
4 Merriam / Mower  30 Oct 1709Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts F2962
5 Mower / ???  29 May 1640Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts F2949
6 Mower / Breed  14 Sep 1803Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts F3884
7 Mower / Devereux  20 Jul 1706Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts F3163
8 Mower / Marshall  21 Jul 1673Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts F2960
9 Mower / Marshall  1675Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts F2948
10 Mower / Pike  4 May 1845Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts F3890
11 Mower / Skinner  28 Apr 1892Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts F3892