genealogy of the reed and hodgkins families
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Hartford, Oxford County, Maine



Latitude: 44.3728450, Longitude: -70.3467260


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dearborn, Augusta  25 Aug 1832Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I139
2 Philbrick, Ethel J.  18 Jun 1895Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I4176
3 Philbrick, George B.  Abt 1873Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I4181
4 Slover, Annis D.  7 Nov 1851Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I4180
5 Tobin, Harriet Eliza  Abt 1818Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I4826
6 Whiting, Adaline  30 Jan 1824Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I106
7 Whiting, Burton Leonard  8 Mar 1871Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1634
8 Whiting, Charles Cushman  6 Feb 1855Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1622
9 Whiting, Clinton Augustus  31 May 1860Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1628
10 Whiting, Frank Leslie  29 Aug 1874Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1635
11 Whiting, Fred Adelbert  28 May 1867Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1632
12 Whiting, Isaiah M.  Abt 1862Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1625
13 Whiting, Lucy Emma  6 Dec 1856Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1623
14 Whiting, Luther  Nov 1828Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1617
15 Whiting, Luther Bradford  29 Jun 1869Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1633
16 Whiting, William Nash  28 Mar 1828Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1616


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Crissey, Mary B.  9 Oct 1898Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I4166
2 Hobbs, Charles Thomas  29 Jun 1920Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I3301
3 Whiting, Luther  Aft 1830Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I821
4 Whiting, Mary  2 Jul 1847Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I2126


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Alden, Azel  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I3780
2 Alden, Azel  24 Jun 1880Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I3780
3 Alden, Eunice A.  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I3781
4 Alden, Seth Harris  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I3999
5 Alden, Seth Harris  24 Jun 1880Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I3999
6 Bradford, Cynthia  6 Jun 1860Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1621
7 Bradford, Cynthia  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1621
8 Curtis, Howard L.  26 Apr 1910Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I939
9 Gowell, Martha O.  26 Apr 1910Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I938
10 Gowell, Martha O.  5 Feb 1920Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I938
11 Gregory, George E.  21 Apr 1910Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I4229
12 Harris, Mercy  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I3310
13 Harris, Mercy  24 Jun 1880Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I3310
14 Haskell, Elizabeth  16 Jun 1900Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I4175
15 Hobbs, Charles Thomas  15 Apr 1910Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I3301
16 Hobbs, Lillian F.  15 Apr 1910Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I4080
17 Lara, Sarah Ellen Thompson  6 Jun 1860Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1618
18 Lara, Sarah Ellen Thompson  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1618
19 Mason, Mary Winslow  31 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I822
20 Mason, Mary Winslow  6 Jun 1860Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I822
21 Philbrick, Benjamin Franklin  16 Jun 1900Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I4167
22 Philbrick, Charles Lucian  16 Jun 1900Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I4177
23 Philbrick, Ethel J.  16 Jun 1900Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I4176
24 Philbrick, Leroy  16 Jun 1900Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I4171
25 Whiting, Adaline  31 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I106
26 Whiting, Carrie M.  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1627
27 Whiting, Charles Cushman  6 Jun 1860Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1622
28 Whiting, Charles Cushman  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1622
29 Whiting, Clinton Augustus  6 Jun 1860Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1628
30 Whiting, Clinton Augustus  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1628
31 Whiting, Edward M.  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1626
32 Whiting, Elmer Lincoln  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1630
33 Whiting, Everett Ellsworth  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1629
34 Whiting, Fred Adelbert  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1632
35 Whiting, George F.  6 Jun 1860Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1619
36 Whiting, George F.  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1619
37 Whiting, Isaiah M.  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1625
38 Whiting, Laforest  6 Jun 1860Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1620
39 Whiting, Laforest  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1620
40 Whiting, Lucy Emma  6 Jun 1860Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1623
41 Whiting, Lucy Emma  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1623
42 Whiting, Luther  1820Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I821
43 Whiting, Luther  1830Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I821
44 Whiting, Luther  31 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1617
45 Whiting, Luther  6 Jun 1860Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1617
46 Whiting, Luther  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1617
47 Whiting, Luther Bradford  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1633
48 Whiting, William Henry  6 Jun 1860Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1624
49 Whiting, William Henry  1 Aug 1870Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1624
50 Whiting, William Nash  31 Jul 1850Hartford, Oxford County, Maine I1616

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gregory / Hobbs  25 Dec 1908Hartford, Oxford County, Maine F2731
2 Mason / Whiting  10 Sep 1816Hartford, Oxford County, Maine F755
3 Whiting / Bradford  2 May 1853Hartford, Oxford County, Maine F572
4 Whiting / Lara  28 Feb 1856Hartford, Oxford County, Maine F571