genealogy of the reed and hodgkins families
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New Brunswick, Canada



Latitude: 46.5653163, Longitude: -66.4619164


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Akerley, Alfred L.  7 Apr 1872New Brunswick, Canada I2332
2 Akerley, Leonard  1835New Brunswick, Canada I2324
3 Akerley, Victoria Ella  24 Jul 1873New Brunswick, Canada I2333
4 Akerley, William Duncan  Apr 1870New Brunswick, Canada I2329
5 Albright, James H.  9 Sep 1859New Brunswick, Canada I2334
6 Chapman, Frances Aurelia  16 May 1837New Brunswick, Canada I2325
7 Chapman, Harriet  10 Jun 1839New Brunswick, Canada I370
8 Chapman, Mary Jane  31 Jul 1830New Brunswick, Canada I369
9 Chapman, Rachel  Apr 1844New Brunswick, Canada I2484
10 Corey, Elizabeth  1797New Brunswick, Canada I3297
11 Davis, James A.  1 Apr 1846New Brunswick, Canada I160
12 Flower, Alma  16 Sep 1871New Brunswick, Canada I3421
13 Flower, Anna  Abt 1861New Brunswick, Canada I3414
14 Flower, Edward Albert  25 Jun 1862New Brunswick, Canada I3427
15 Flower, Elijah  Apr 1850New Brunswick, Canada I3508
16 Flower, George  Abt 1854New Brunswick, Canada I3410
17 Flower, Gideon  Abt 1856New Brunswick, Canada I3412
18 Flower, Hattie  Abt 1874New Brunswick, Canada I3442
19 Flower, James  20 Jul 1831New Brunswick, Canada I3314
20 Flower, Jane  Abt 1869New Brunswick, Canada I3419
21 Flower, John  1796New Brunswick, Canada I3296
22 Flower, John E.  Jan 1833New Brunswick, Canada I3402
23 Flower, Jonah  Abt 1846New Brunswick, Canada I1250
24 Flower, Mary  Abt 1864New Brunswick, Canada I3418
25 Flower, Robert  Abt 1858New Brunswick, Canada I3413
26 Flower, Wellington  Abt 1855New Brunswick, Canada I3411
27 Graham, Martha S.  Sep 1851New Brunswick, Canada I3529
28 Grant, Elizabeth B.  Abt 1860New Brunswick, Canada I1535
29 Johnson, Ephraim Allen  12 Nov 1863New Brunswick, Canada I2458
30 McKenzie, Alice  Abt 1853New Brunswick, Canada I2476
31 McKenzie, John  Abt 1851New Brunswick, Canada I3488
32 McKenzie, Rachel  Abt 1860New Brunswick, Canada I3510
33 McMann, Alva S.  3 Oct 1880New Brunswick, Canada I3450
34 Melanson, Osite  13 Apr 1863New Brunswick, Canada I5898
35 Philbrick, Benjamin Franklin  Oct 1864New Brunswick, Canada I4167
36 Regan, Mary  10 Jul 1806New Brunswick, Canada I1694
37 Rodgers, Hugh  24 Jun 1883New Brunswick, Canada I3454
38 Somers, Rhoda  21 Dec 1822New Brunswick, Canada I3428
39 Straight, Frederic  3 May 1871New Brunswick, Canada I3511
40 Straight, John Mansfield  18 Feb 1883New Brunswick, Canada I3586
41 Straight, Southerland  Abt 1879New Brunswick, Canada I3513
42 Thompson, Grace Gertrude  1881New Brunswick, Canada I93
43 Wilcox, Susan Winifred  26 Dec 1865New Brunswick, Canada I2459
44 Williams, Rachel  24 Mar 1837New Brunswick, Canada I3315


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Wilcox, Susan Winifred  9 Oct 1929New Brunswick, Canada I2459


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Akerley, George Leverett  10 Nov 1869New Brunswick, Canada I2164
2 Akerley, Sarah Amelia  1 Dec 1865New Brunswick, Canada I2331
3 Albright, James H.  12 Sep 1861New Brunswick, Canada I2334
4 Chapman, Frances Aurelia  16 May 1833New Brunswick, Canada I2325
5 Flower, Sarah Amelia  6 Jun 1854New Brunswick, Canada I2493