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Genealogy of the Reed, Hodgkins, Mower, and Akerley Families



Latitude: 39.550050700, Longitude: -105.782067400


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dunning, Harold Richard  25 Dec 1905Colorado I1193
2 Hampton, Alberta Margaret  16 Feb 1901Colorado I5033
3 Johnson, Alice Josephine  28 Nov 1896Colorado I177
4 Johnson, Evelyn Melrose  9 Jan 1895Colorado I649
5 Johnson, Florence Fay  17 Nov 1900Colorado I181
6 Johnson, Frank Albert  6 Oct 1891Colorado I648
7 Johnson, Frank Thomas  4 Apr 1923Colorado I143
8 Johnson, Helen Margarete  29 Jul 1893Colorado I1213
9 Johnson, Mildred Perkins  13 Dec 1895Colorado I1171
10 Johnson, Myrle Marion  12 Jan 1895Colorado I176
11 Johnson, Paul Anthony  13 Mar 1899Colorado I647
12 Johnson, Paul Anthony Jr.  2 Jan 1922Colorado I150
13 Johnson, Sylvia Areulia  4 Jan 1899Colorado I178
14 Johnson, Wilma Dell  18 Apr 1904Colorado I182
15 Moody, Coleman McPhie  6 Mar 1912Colorado I5260
16 Moody, Eugene D.  26 Sep 1910Colorado I5259
17 Mower, Agnes Claire  Oct 1893Colorado I5019
18 Mower, Florence M.  Abt 1903Colorado I5414
19 Mower, George Ernest  May 1888Colorado I5018
20 Mower, Josiah Haven  24 Nov 1899Colorado I5029
21 Mower, Laura L.  Abt 1901Colorado I5034
22 Mower, Ruth M.  Abt 1906Colorado I5415
23 Rocap, Margaret E.  Abt 1895Colorado I1479
24 Wiley, Frank Russell  11 Aug 1918Colorado I147

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