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Genealogy of the Reed, Hodgkins, Mower, and Akerley Families


 #   Report Name   Description 
1. BMD no citation  
2. buried in greene  
3. citation count, birth, Feb 2015  
4. citation count, death, Feb2015  
5. living  
6. Maine graves need photo  
7. marriage citation count Feb2015  
8. Masachusetts graves need photo Burial place known, but no photo 
9. missing citation  
10. NL citation count, death, Feb2015   
11. no citation, birth, 1700-1799  
12. no citation, birth, 1800-1899  
13. no citation, birth, 1900-1999  
14. no citation, death, 1800-1899  
15. no citation, death, 1900-1999  
16. test  

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